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Published: December 19, 2018
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Not dead!
Just very occupied with life.

I am slowly trying to empty my freezer and all that's left are the horrible skulls.
They are horrible because they are rotten and partly mummified. The smell is astounding.
Just like this wooly necked stork (Ciconia episcopus) I cleaned recently.
And to be honest... I am so proud of the result.

I skinned the head and removed as much flesh as I was able to (which is no pleasure especially on the eyes...) and tried removing the corpse fluids and maggots from the beak.
For the beak I feared since it looked horrible. Luckily I was able to remove the upper layers until it looked fine again. The rest I did with peroxide and tweezers.

And that's why I do it:
1) I love skulls.
2) I hate wasting things.
3) The results are worth the circumstances.


Please note that the stork died in a Zoo.
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Darf man eigentlich irgendwelche toten Vögel aufsammeln? Bei Wild weiss ich, dass es eigentlich nicht erlaubt ist.
Ich würde so etwas mal gern ausprobieren, aber habe Bedenken wegen der Hygiene...
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
Es kommt drauf an, wo du dich befindest.
Befindest du dich in einem Jagdgebiet, welches einem Jäger zusortiert ist, würde das Entfernen von Tieren meines Wissens als Wildraub gelten.
Sonstwo ist das eine Frage der Spezies: Raubvögel generell liegenlassen.

Dieser hier kommt übrigens aus einem Zoo :)
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I'm trying to clean a puffin skull in similar standing.  How did you get the beak to remain so vibrant, how did you clean around it?  Did you simmer the skull at all?
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
Coldwater maceration.
I remove the tissue with pincers.
Quite a bit of work.

The beak was treated with outdoor teak oil.
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AlienOffspringStudent General Artist
I love skulls too :D
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xxStolen-soulsxxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nope I'd have to beetle clean it... Don't have the patience!
But damn it looks great!
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
I haaaate beetles ;)
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Corvus-wolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing job!!!!! I to clean skulls and just did a raven 's skull after it was hit by a car near my house it was in a similar state when I found it!!!! Keep it up!!!!
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That's amazing! I've had a crow skull for a bit that's in a similar state, I just haven't gotten around to cleaning it yet.
Also, what do you use to get rid of the smell?
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
Smell on the skull? I just wait. It vanishes over time. On my hands? Toothpaste. In my room? Again... AIR :D
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PsydracheHobbyist Traditional Artist
Der ganze Aufwand hat sich wirklich gelohnt, so ein wunderschöner Schädel!
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FantalecGatewayHobbyist General Artist
It took me a bit to understand the foto without reading the description haha.

Looks great though!!
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TheLastSolsticeHobbyist General Artist
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ThEpOnDdUcKHobbyist General Artist
damn this is professional
recently tried cleaning my first skull myself, was a road kill squirrel.
skull was completely smashed in, i could merely save the jawbones, used washing powder of the washing machine for removing the stuff i couldnt get out and it worked quite good
gotta try that on a bigger skull if i get one
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that looks amazing!!  As gross as some of the work is, I totally get your satisfaction after the cleaning,  It's what I love about taxidermy and it's so much more satisfying to have a specimen you found and cleaned than just buying something already prepared.
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
I am beyond proud at the moment.
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just the species is already amazing!
i only know one other wooly necked stork in collections :)
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CabinetCuriositiesHobbyist Artist
I might know the collector you mean! :)

Didn't realize they were rare in collections.-
Oh my word, that looked (and sounded) downright ghastly! And once again I'm astounded by how much of a bird's skull is eye sockets. Nature is crazy.

On a side note, and not to diss your marvelous - heroic - work, I've been following the youtube channel 'thebrainscoop' by Emily Graslie and her compatriots in the Field Museum, and they mentioned using beetle colonies of a certain species to help with cleaning. Is itty-bitty workers to help with cleaning something you've contemplated before?
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