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Dumbledore the puppetmaster

Many people started to call DD like that after DH...
This is maybe the first and last time I draw Tonks :evillaugh:


Dumbledore, Tonks, Harry, Voldemort, Snape, Sirius and Lupin belong to JK Rowling.
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I see you have put Dead Tonks and Dead Lupin on opposite sides of the stage. Free of each other at last! There *has* to have been love potion involved in that relationship. I continue to insist they were both gay before someone secretly dosed them. Either Lupin got a smaller dose, or he has some sort of natural resistance. Maybe being a werewolf gives him a higher metabolism or something.

And Dead Snape completely crushes Dead Marauders! Yes! 
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Ahaha *high five*

I have never standed Tonks, not even before her relationship with Lupin, but after that she became perhaps my least favourite HP character. Lupin too was unrecognizable in the last book, and I hoped JKR would make a better use of the whole werewolf matter. But anyway. We are talking about many years ago... There are Grindelwald problems now :D
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Regarding Grindelwald, Delphini, Credence Clearwater Revival, and related monstrosities: for me, canon consists of the original seven books. Period. Anything from any other source, even of spoken by the Word of JKR herself, is entirely optional. I'm fine with Hufflepuff Newt and gay Dumbledore, but I refuse to admit most of the other stuff into my headcanon.
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The Mastermind in his element!
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Ele manipulou a todos como belas marionetes. 
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Oh, it does so very fit :( Unfortunately. I did not want for anyone of them to die! WAAHH! :tears:
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that's for sure(
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I want those puppets heeheehee
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Omg yes this is so true and amazing
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Dumbledore plays GOD. Always.
Very nice painting. You deserve a :wizardhat: ...
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yeah...see that X3 snape, if he had a third arm, should be in there
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Maybe hes not the puppet master....But he has the fault of some of the enemyes of Harry
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I have never believed Dumbledore was evil. He wasn't plotting for anyone to die for some wicked, self-serving reason. He just realized what course fate would take, and could do nothing but let it happen.
I really do think he is a puppet master at times.[link]
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Hi ! This beautiful pic has been featured in a gathering of Harry Potter fanarts ! Have a look ! ([link])
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Oh dear...This picture actually makes me sad.
Poor Snape.
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I think JK Rowling did an amazing job with Dumbledore, especially when it came to characterization. He seemed like he was so stereotypicaly "good" in the beginning, but she did an amazing job revealing his dark side. And then, once you see it, you realize... he's pretty much all dark side.
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Harry: What-the OMG Professor! What are you doing? Albus: Uh-oh.
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It's exactly it !
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