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As God is my witness, I had no idea this was in my system. I suppose it's just as well it's out now. ^^; Massive infodump ahead, by no means should you feel inclined to read through the whole thing. This was inspired by all the time I spent watching Sailor Moon, a cartoon I absolutely adored as a kid - and, of course, wanted all the merchandise I could get my hands on.

An entry for Seventh Sanctum's Cartoon Cash-In contest, I give you a promo poster from the hit kid's cartoon Princess Future and the Chronodragons.

In the distant future, the beautiful and wise Queen Manami (featured in the new Princess Future line of fully poseable fashion dolls!) has created a society of peace and enlightenment, but her nemesis and former lover, the dark Lord Rikuto (available at a toy store near you, glaive and crown of time mastery included), given mastery of space-time by his queen, has hatched an evil plan to overthrow Manami's rule. Traveling back in time to establish a foothold in the twenty-first century (look for Rikuto's Fortress of Time in stores this holiday season), he has subverted the twelve ChronoDragons (collect all twelve ChronoDragon dolls!), magical guardians of time, and set about corrupting the past in order to destroy Queen Manami's bright future. In the midst of a crumbling reality, Queen Manami orders that there be built a robot to travel through time and put a stop to Rikuto's horrible scheming. Thus did Princess Future's journey to our time begin.

Posing as an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl named Hoshiko Takahashi, the robotic girl Princess Future must search out the subverted ChronoDragons and restore them with the magic of Manami's Amulet (now available in the Princess Future Jewelry Playset along with Princess Future's trademark tiara and hairclip, batteries not included), a star-shaped charm containing the pure essence of the future. Once cleansed, the ChronoDragons will join Princess Future in her quest to restore the normal flow of time.

On her own, Princess Future has the enhanced athletic abilities and senses of a futuristic robot, including the ability to think and calculate exceptionally fast and access nearby computers with her mind to gather information. Her true potential, however, comes through when her powers are combined with the magic of one of the ChronoDragons, each of whom allows her to access different abilities (as well as giving her a new and pretty costume and weapon! You can now take home all twelve Dragon Form Princess Future action figures as well as your old favorites School Uniform Hoshiko, Pop Star Hoshiko, and Princess Gown Dress-Up Fashion Doll Hoshiko.) The abilities she accesses when combined with different dragons are as follows:

Auge (light blue with yellow wings): Leader of the ChronoDragons and the first one Princess Future makes contact with, Auge is an easygoing but serious soul who gives Princess Future access to the power of flight, as well as use of the First Light Staff.
Anatolia (pink and pale yellow): A lazy and slightly vain dragon, Anatolia is sometimes more of a princess than Princess Future. She lends Princess Future the power to charm and put her enemies to sleep and grants her the Sunrise Wand.
Mousika (bright blue and yellow): Mousika wants nothing more than to be a singer and occasionally tries to sneak onto the stage while Princess Future is having a concert. When she decides to share the spotlight, Princess Future gets the power of her magical melodies and the enchanted Rhapsodical Flute.
Gymnastika (orange): The most athletic and enthusiastic of the ChronoDragons, Gymnastika occasionally gets himself into trouble by rushing into a situation prematurely, although at other times he's saved his friends with his quick action. His magic can enhance Princess Future's already impressive strength and speed and allow her to use the Olympian Sword.
Nymphe (blue-green): Composed and thoughtful with a cheerful, mischievous streak, Nymphe is more often than not the voice of reason for the group. She gladly lends Princess Future her mastery of the element of water and grants use of the Nymph's Crown.
Mesembria (yellow): Mesembria is the most driven, serious, and headstrong ChronoDragon, although at times he appears oddly withdrawn and contemplative. He makes no secret of the fact that he thinks he could lead better than Auge, but willingly accepts his direction when the rubber meets the road. Thanks to him Princess Future can use the power of light and the High Noon Shield.
Sponde (cream and red): The silent and mysterious Sponde almost never speaks, but provides Princess Future with a valuable asset: he has a direct psychic link to the future, allowing Princess Future to benefit from Queen Manami's wisdom whenever she needs it. He can also lend Princess Future his psychic powers and access to the Devout Chalice.
Elete (light blue and silver): Pious and angelic enough to annoy the other ChronoDragons with her superiority, Elete is nonetheless a valuable ally, granting Princess Future the use of powerful healing magic and the Sylph Wing.
Cypris (green): Cypris is frequently accused of not pulling his weight in the group. He loves eating and lying around, and seemingly doesn't care about anything else - but when the going gets tough, he's a staunch and loyal ally, cheerfully giving Princess Future power over the element of earth and the Dryadic Circlet.
Hesperis (gold and blue-violet): Sometimes cynical, sometimes friendly and supportive, Hesperis is one of the older ChronoDragons. He gives Princess Future a valuable gift; magical control over cold and darkness, aided by the Evening Gauntlets.
Dysis (purple, red and orange): Dysis is a formidable opponent - and a valuable ally to Princess Future. The power he grants her is the mastery of fire and the Salamandra Crown.
Aktos (dark grey with silver stars): Oldest and most powerful of the ChronoDragons, Aktos is also the last to join Princess Future in her quest. When he does, however, he aids her with the mysterious magic of the stars, giving her use of the Celestial Bow.
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