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The Way...

ThorxLoki Love Will Find a Way.
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Vahisa's avatar
YES!  It has to happen.  My hopes are on the last Thor movie.  
autumnsky38's avatar
Oh my. Being able to see Chris and Tom as Thor and Loki is just delicious! This is amazing and I love it!  : )
SecretKeeper24601's avatar
thank you for bringing this into my life :Sad Monkeys: 
You're welcomeeeeeeeeee  *^*
SecretKeeper24601's avatar
you took my 2 fav things, Disney and thorki, and added them into one, you are a genius:happybounce: 
AkaF's avatar
Aww :3 I love Photoshop for this :O Or something else you can do pics like this with xD Really Nice :D
Rufakooga's avatar
I'm not even a Thorki fan.. but this.. this is just beautiful :)
Rufakooga's avatar
You're welcome :D
LadyFrolin's avatar
Ха, соотечественники-яойщики, налетаем, подходим, не проходим!
Delicatestrength's avatar
Wow... Ya know the kind of beautiful thing that makes you wanna cry? this is it... and I'm not really a big fan of "Thorki" but in anything this is just... wow.
Orophine's avatar
I just love you sooo much right now... purrrrrfect... can't ever get rid of Thorki/Hiddlesworth... not ever... hurts so much but I still need it >.<
avi17's avatar
Wow, I don't normally do manips, but this one is really good! XD I wouldn't know it was one if it weren't know...Marvel Studios not being quite that awesome. ;P
paradoxalllove's avatar
awwww :typerhappy: so,so,so,so,soo true! my heart just melted, this feeling of close connection.. still fraternity.. still so close but so far. uhm! it's wonderful<3 :tighthug: :tighthug:
ShakkaiMoon's avatar
*Can not contemplate super cute-hotness*
*heart failure*
AmericanAngel117's avatar
This would be totally awesome!...

...If my fiancee and I didn't have this as our theme song. |D

But I roleplay Thor so OH WELL.
Furtivus8's avatar
Nianas's avatar
lkh nvlm,qfsqvyglafhscnb ...this can't be a manip...IT'S FANTASTIC
porings-4-love's avatar
*HOTNESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!*
*system crashed...*

that's what happened to me when i saw that... just too hot!!!!
Wickramaratne's avatar
why couldn't that have happened in the movie XD
Shakaryan090's avatar
Шикарный арт!
KittehMei's avatar
OMGAWD!!!!! :love:
I think my heart just STOPPED >3<
So cute... OMG OMG OMG OMG *melts into bubbling mess of gooey fangirl :love:
nobodyelseXV's avatar
Wow wait, in the movie did they really get that close? How much is photo manipulation? Beautiful words by the way :iconiloveitplz:
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