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Another Special Day
Today was Yom Kippur, and it was the holiest day in Judaism. Therefore it was also a special Punishment Day for a penitatas, like Diana.
However, during Yom Kippur, like during Sabbath, physical labor was not permitted. So, while little Di was supposed to receive lots of special punishment day spankings today, they were not to come from neither her mommy nor her daddy. Lucas and Ruth were ready to leave for the Synagogue, but they were waiting for someone first.
They had asked a Shabbos goy to take care of Diana's punishment today. A person that is non Jewish, and assists Jewish individuals by performing the acts that are forbidden by Jewish law on Sabbath. Or in this case Yom Kippur.
Usually, when the parents of a penitatas went out for the night for a party or another type of social gathering, they hired a babysitter from the neighborhood, usually a Completas or a Voluntaras. Or they were left at the house of other couple that also had a license to take care of penny kids. (And some
:iconcabaji-plz:Cabaji-plz 7 1
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Fourth of July :iconcabaji-plz:Cabaji-plz 3 4
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the story :iconcabaji-plz:Cabaji-plz 3 1
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The New Student :iconcabaji-plz:Cabaji-plz 3 2
A Lesson in Law Enforcement
Hina, TELEPHONE," shouted her father from the bottom of the stairs.
Hina jumped from her bed and headed down the stairs toward her father to retrieve the phone.
Hina, It's late and a school night, you have fifteen minutes," he stated as he handed her the phone.
"I know Daddy," she replied as she cautiously took the phone and ran back to her room
"Hello," she said as she flopped back down onto her bed.
"Boy he just don't give an inch does he!" stated her friend Vivi
"Well I tried to talk my mom into my own phone, but he said no, and you know her, she won't go against him. He makes all the rules around here."
"So, did you ask about tomorrow night yet? asked Vivi.
"I haven't asked yet," replied Hina.
"We have to go tomorrow night or it will be to late. They want us to meet them tomorrow and I said we would.  I can't drive so you have to. So ask already," she demanded hysterically through the phone.
"Ok, ok, I will go ask right now and call you back," replied Hina.
With that she
:iconcabaji-plz:Cabaji-plz 11 44
Mature content
thanksgiving :iconcabaji-plz:Cabaji-plz 3 5


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Journal History

Mom took Jenny and Kate to the park. But when they got there there was a big surprized. June was bruised from head to toe practically. And Stanley yes Stanley the voluntaras was being taken by the police to the police car. Jenny ran to June and her father. 

"What happened?" Jenny asked worried. 

"Stanley assulted June and was threating to rape her to. I'm going to take her home and see if I can't clean up everything." 

"Is June in trouble." Jenny asked noticing Stanley had a black eye. 

"No. It looked all like self defense on her part. Were just going to have to work with her more at the dojan." 

"Yes Sir." June was carried to her fathers car. 

A week later Jenny and Kate got to go see the Stanleys trial. Durning the opening arguements June was in the childrens play room. 

One of the major problems now is that Stanley is a known spanko so it will be diffucult to punish him if he likes it. 

June testified to everything and the doctor verified it. Plus her father who heard stanley threaten to rape June just in time. And he also testified to all the bruises and her self defense techniche. 

Finally after all the testimony and facts in the case given. The judge finally decided what to do. 

"I sentence Stanley Sears to 6X3-6 as a full time penny. Your voluntaras status is taken away. And y suppression. You could have raped June and if you did you would get worse. Plus this might help you learn your lesson." 

Stanley was crying already by the time the sentence was over. He looked shocked. They took him to his cell. 

A few days later Stella aka Stanley moved in with Wendy. Wendy was in between Junes house and Jennys. This way June can watch Stella get her spankings. And see Justice done. Stella will be on the first floor. :).


Artist | Student
United States
i was a penny my cycles 8th cycle 19 times 6-12 for Slicing and Computer Vandalism and Well, I'm the guy who crashed the World defense system almost fifty years ago. If that wasn't bad enough, it was my second offense this is my 8th cycle :icontruellamaplz:


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