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Real shape of Mandelbulb by KrzysztofMarczak Real shape of Mandelbulb :iconkrzysztofmarczak:KrzysztofMarczak 74 14 Cathedral of encapsulated twilights by MANDELWERK Cathedral of encapsulated twilights :iconmandelwerk:MANDELWERK 164 79 Detatch all Moorings.... by MarkJayBee Detatch all Moorings.... :iconmarkjaybee:MarkJayBee 131 45 Unnatural natural landscape by janhein Unnatural natural landscape :iconjanhein:janhein 169 107 Musk and Pollen by lindelokse Musk and Pollen :iconlindelokse:lindelokse 808 84 Volumetric light 6 by KrzysztofMarczak Volumetric light 6 :iconkrzysztofmarczak:KrzysztofMarczak 58 17 Spheres and spheres.... by KrzysztofMarczak Spheres and spheres.... :iconkrzysztofmarczak:KrzysztofMarczak 11 3 DOF by KrzysztofMarczak DOF :iconkrzysztofmarczak:KrzysztofMarczak 27 6 The net by KrzysztofMarczak The net :iconkrzysztofmarczak:KrzysztofMarczak 22 4 Octopus Dragon's Lair by MANDELWERK Octopus Dragon's Lair :iconmandelwerk:MANDELWERK 184 82 Transpoly utopia by Ectoplaz Transpoly utopia :iconectoplaz:Ectoplaz 15 6 Dark Spiral Tree by bib993 Dark Spiral Tree :iconbib993:bib993 62 34 Theli-Hall by allthenightlong Theli-Hall :iconallthenightlong:allthenightlong 17 5 FoldingIntPow 9 by KrzysztofMarczak FoldingIntPow 9 :iconkrzysztofmarczak:KrzysztofMarczak 23 8 Entering the Colony by dainbramage1 Entering the Colony :icondainbramage1:dainbramage1 105 45 Mandelbox - add. rotatations 2 by KrzysztofMarczak Mandelbox - add. rotatations 2 :iconkrzysztofmarczak:KrzysztofMarczak 26 10




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Interested in fractal art and programs. You can use my own programs here if you can run java applets:…


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cab1n Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010
Actually they were made with my own custom program, not Tacitus. But I like some of the images it can create in your collection and I suspect it is a lot faster to render. How long does Tacitus take to render one of those images?
Trance-Plant Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010
Ah, I jumped to conclusions! I see a Mandelbulb and somehow assume "Tacitus" ;-)
KUDOS on the programming skills!!! What sort of background is required to acquire such abilities?
I seem to be finding a number of people in the fractal community who build their own toolsets!
I have some programming background but nothing with graphics or "extreme" math aside from
Multivariate Statistics and linear matrix type stuff.
"How long does Tacitus take to render one of those images?"
It depends on the size and the render method. Xyrus has implemented GPU rendering for Tacitus which is remarkably FAST but fraught with issues wrt size of output, anti-aliasing and general stability (I assume that will be cleaner in coming releases and my Vista won't do the BSOD from video driver/rendering abuse). We are talking 12-15 seconds versus 45 min-1 hr or longer for CPU rendering. For example I created 1503 frames at 512x512 with GPU rendering. I began with a starting position, located a second position then used [link] to generate interpolated parameters and batch files to run the Tacitus backend (did this 3 times). It would have taken WEEKS to render using CPU but only a few hours with GPU. Had to restart Tacitus and reboot a few times because GPU has some weird interactions with my video driver (it might not just be me).
cab1n Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010
BTW I really like the glass effect in that one animation!
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cab1n Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010
Hehe ya quite fast, especially on a GPU. Mine takes several days *per frame* at 1200x1200. Its only advantages are it does not interpolate at all so it brings out the finest details and it can color the surface easily.

If you're interested in the coding side the code is also more simple than most, there is no crazy math, voxels or ray tracing. It will also run an any old computer that can run Java. It is at the bottom of the page here:


The only relevant file is
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mutequacky Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:wave: Welcome to DA fellow fractal artist!
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