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ULT:EE - Chapter 20
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By caat   |   Watch
Published: July 20, 2015
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The group are captured, but how can they persuade their captor to set them free before unsavoury forces get involved?


Ultimatum : Endgame Edition - Official Site Page

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SikeSanerHobbyist Writer
"For future reference..." James began awkwardly, watching Errol
retching over a cluster of foliage nearby. "Teleportation and drunkenness
really do not mix."

HEH. No, no I'd imagine it does not.

Team Rocket operative jetted up into the air, deftly avoiding various
elemental projectiles from the pokémon, and slammed into a warehouse
skylight - causing shards of glass to rain down around those below.

OUCH. Both on their behalf and hers!

"Yes, I did," the shock from this betrayal still resonated in
Brendan's eyes, though he quickly dismissed it. "Still, whether you work
for Team Rocket now or not, the fact of the matter remains. You worked
for them at some point, and you're still accountable for those crimes."

Brendan, you are pretty much lawful good incarnate at this point.

Five minutes and a bottle of Capture Gel solvent later

I bet capture gel solvent smells super nasty.
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