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ULT:EE - Chapter 16 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 16 by caat

Caley seeks the guidance of a skilled mentor, while James and Rose engage in a spot of training.


Ultimatum : Endgame Edition - Official Site Page

SikeSaner Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
In fact, this was something of an understatement. The zecutynr
had completely transformed themself, not into another pokémon, but into
a human being - one that seemed new and familiar all at the same time.
This happened to be as a result of Copi's methods - having borrowed
visual information from Erik, Ryan and Milton's three sons, they had
forged the appearance of a fourteen year old male with teal coloured hair,
dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and overlaid sleeveless jacket. The jewels in
their back and stomach appeared as nothing more than decorations upon
their clothing - it was a clever interpretation, without a doubt.

So theoretically, Copi could fashion themself a built-in gem sweater.

+10 awesome points to Copi. :D

Before either Mondo or Errol had a chance to
react, Copi morphed their hand into a scizor claw and frustratedly shot a
blast of energy through the pile of berries in the pink creature's hands,
causing them to scatter in a messy spray of juice.

WELP. They're history's berries now.

"Genetic...?" Copi glanced at Mondo, then Errol, their mind flitting
back to the last moments in Nashgri's Energy Lab. "Does other pokémon
like me?"

I love the way they speak.

"Sorry about this, Rose," Caley grimaced, standing up and raising
his clefairy-shaped companion into the air. With a quick flick of the wrist
and some expert timing, Rose's plush body landed directly between the
moving door and its adjoining frame, keeping it ajar.

This is an oddly amusing image and it just gets funnier the longer i dwell on it.

That took the biscuit. Rose may have been stuck as a PokéDoll but
this kind of treatment was downright disrespectful. She struck up a volley
of aggravated complaints - however, they too emerged from the cheaplymade
voice box in a happy and enthusiastic fashion.
"Cleh-fayr-ree fayr-ree! Fayr-ree! Cleh-fayr-ree!"

Such language!

"Listen, dweeb," she growled. "We've places to be and we don't
have time to listen to your warped assumptions, now let Ad- ...our friend
out before the Myfist Express takes a one way trip to Yourfaceville."

Why hello there, new favorite Ultimatum quote thus far!

Whee! the pokémon exclaimed, hurling all three black spheres
one after the other with surprising precision.

She's part froslass, plus she does things like that. I love this character.

"It's not 'shame' I'm worried about..." Pat said quietly. "The
psychic abilities your father had, they consumed him, Caley. He shut
everyone out of his life and became obsessed with making himself more
and more powerful. It was that obsession that caused him to leave, to
train in an area where his strengthening abilities would not harm anyone.
I...I never heard from him again."
"B-but you said he'd died from an incurable illness," Caley faltered,
struggling to stay upright.
"And that's exactly what it was like!" Pat exclaimed. "Those
abilities corrupted Jack's body and mind like a disease! I don't want that
to happen to you! I don't want to lose you like I did him..."


Interesting development, that...

"You're thinking about her again, aren't you?" she eyed James.
"Why is she running away from the truth, Rose?" the man glanced
back desperately. "Why can't she see the light? She could do so much
better things, if she would just leave that Tahforsaken organization in the
dirt, where it belongs..."
"I know, James...I know," Rose put an arm around him. "And I
don't understand why she's doing this to us, to herself, either. But there's
always hope. It's never too late to change." Her expression altered to
something more stern at this point. "I hate to say this, though...but no
matter how fondly you feel about Jessie, she's still working on the
opposite side right now, and that means we have to stop her as well as
Butch and Cassidy."
"I...I'll try," James gave a tiny nod, though his voice sounded
strained and broken. Such a notion didn't settle with him one bit, but
when the alternative was to put hundreds of innocent lives at risk, he had
little choice.

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