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ULT:EE - Chapter 14 by caat ULT:EE - Chapter 14 by caat

James is spotted by someone he’d rather avoid, causing a rise in unwanted attention.


Ultimatum : Endgame Edition - Official Site Page

SikeSaner Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
"It makes me so angry to think he might not have even been in
that situation now if Meowth hadn’t left," Rose frowned. "Once he
disappeared, Jessie just...snapped. She took it all out on James - saying
that he was the cause of breaking their team up."

Aw Rose...

Actually nah, I'll let her find out for herself, or not.

"Sure, Meowth was selfish at times - but he wasn't heartless,"
Mondo commented, though it seemed he was having trouble convincing
himself. "No...there's more to this than we understand."


Astor Crotale did not show the same longing to inquire as to the
reasoning behind Giovanni's decisions.

I may or may not have read that as Astor Grotle.

Outside the tube, a figure paced back and forth across the moderatelysized
room with a thoughtful expression - zigzags of silver hair swinging
back and forth by either ear. James flinched, recognizing the figure as
none other than Professor Ein Bohrgram, the man whose demented
theories he'd been subjected to for the past few weeks.

OH HI ORRE SERIES CHARACTER :D Always a delight to see one of those.

"That’s right, Politurd!" Kevin grinned.


"Many have held the belief that pokémon came to this
planet from elsewhere, and I have been one of those people." He held out
a hand to the group in general. "The name's Seymour. I've been
researching extraterrestrial matters for the past ten years."

Oh gosh, this guy. THIS GUY. Talk about a nostalgia blast.

It was over eleven feet tall with dark brown skin and six shiny,
metallic claws which gleamed in the moonlight. Its three equally nastylooking
heads with their long protruding fangs and narrow yellow eyes
passed their icy gaze over the insignificant figures below. Its body was
heaving with the effects of water saturation and multiple impacts from
being forced back down the tunnel, notably exhausted and battered. And
yet, it didn't look ready to go down without a fight.

Okay that's gotta be one of the coolest hybrids yet. :D

At this
moment in time she was sat at the head of a Roulette table - her flowing
skirts cascading over the sides of her chair, making her look rather like
one of those decorative covers that older Tattoans felt inclined to use to
shield visitors to their bathroom from the horror of toilet rolls.

Of course you know I had to take a moment to contemplate what it'd look like if she were a literal tp cozy.

Like, not even a giant one. Just a regular one in the middle of the chair.
caat Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015   Filmographer
Thanks for all this feedback. I'm feeling pretty awful today, but reading these made me smile and chuckle. (I need to get those Pokedex entries back up...)
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