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STAMP - A Name

I'm one of those people that likes to be referred to by my actual name. Of course for security reasons and whatnot, it's best not to use your whole name for most stuff. But getting to call people by their first name is something special for me - it makes those I'm talking with seem more real.

I don't feel offended getting referred to by my web acronym or anything, but its just kinda impersonal, is all. XD

I understand that way of internettage is not for everyone. But for those of you who don't mind being referred to by your real first name, here's a stamp! 8)

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I have a name as well but I just get pissed off at people who refer to me by the name of a character I created, specifically if it's an internet troll. I had to deal with people from sites I shall not mention calling me 'werejohncandy' 'werejoshpeck' 'were-whatever', and well...i'm going to flat out say this, they're not real, they're characters I created for fun and nothing more.  I don't even take my own characters seriously,  I don't claim to be them in real life and I most certainly am not them.  The former aforementioned character is the one that is the least like me.  My name is Nathan, and yes that is my actual character's name too.  I just get pissed off when annoying people like that refer to me as my character's names,  it's like they're judging me solely based on my characters.  Yeah i'm Drmusic2-1/Drmusic2,  or rather I used to be (and I fucking hate how I acted back when that was my account name back when I had that account),  but i'm a human being.

I like when people refer to me as Nat or Nathan, or Nate.
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i Agree!!i love when the peple call me "Sofia" :D it feels good.
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Someone understands!! 
I usually stress to new friends to call me by my name, but they don't really do so until we feel more comfortable with one another; when they finally call me by my name or give me a nickname, it confuses me for a second, but it definitely deepens the bond!
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My name is in my username ^^ hint: it isn't Silver or 777 XD
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1 free internet hug *hugs*
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When my friend was trying to get a nickname, I decided for fun join -> Isseki to her name... Guess what, now people call me Paulisseki... <<'' :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:
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Lol, at school everyone just refers to me as "redhead" because I'm the only one with red hair at my school lol.
And my friends call me Strawberry~ :XD:
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that stamp is great! :3

people keep calling me gimp....
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I so agree XD
Some people call me Dai, Daiyousei, or Miki, which was my nickname before I released my real name ;u;
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LOL. I'm lucky, cuz my name is a part of my username (my username is a combo of my first and middle names, Kaylee and Rowena.... :giggle:) and I've used it since I was 5 years old and my mom signed me up for the american girl website. :D
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ah yes ^-^
same here
there rly isnt a nickname u can cal me by otherwise
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Great idea to use for a stamp! :D
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Hehe, I agree with you!
I always tell people that they can call me by my real name.
This stamp is great!:D
Mind if I fav?;)
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Hehe, this is a very nice stamp!:heart::heart:
I feel the same way, it's nice to be called by your real name!:aww:
Thanks for making this!:thanks:
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I like being called by MY NAME, plz. D:
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I'm in a very lucky position on this.
I go by Kris at school, online, and it's my username on some sites I visit.
But Kris is my nickname. Not my first official name, although because how far it's gone, I get "Kris" by my name on school documents.
I always hated my real name when I liked Crystal in kindergarten, and changed the spelling over the years, and have been going by Kris for quite a while now.
I think in the last 2 years or so, I've dropped the "tal" as well.

My uncle thinks it's just a phase, everyone wants to change it at one point, but those people are ignoring how long I've had to get used to it, among other things. ^_^

I truly prefer Kris over Cedar. Only my family calls me that, there really is no confusion.
Haha. If I talk to anyone online, there's usually a chance to introduce each other anyway
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I only ever had a phase where I wanted to change my last name, I've always liked my first one.

Having said that, I know people that are better known by their nicknames than real ones - someone who is referred to by his middle name by everyone, even his parents XD
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Gemma, I feel the same way. I sorta want people to use my first name when speaking to me, too. BTW My name is Emma. Funny? Yes. =3 XD
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