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WYM - Where there's a Whim, there's a Way

Artist // Film & Animation
My Bio
Storyteller. Animator. Thought-wrangler.
Working on a sci-fi feature film behind the scenes.
Most of the stuff I'm posting here can be found in the 'Scraps' area of the gallery.

Twitter : nilostudo
Tumblr : scribghetti-junction | atchuu | pokemonrebirth | outcast-hero

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- I do not generally take on commissions, requests, trades or collabs, due to high workload.
- I cannot answer questions or share any resources from KCCh, as this is not my project. For more info, go to…

18th Anniversary Art Competition

18th Anniversary Art Competition

I was a little late to share this here, but there's still 15 days left to enter! To read the full competition rules, go here. (pdf file download) CLOSING DATE : 11th November 2019
I'm uploading more Twitter doodles to scraps. Hopefully I won't load stuff I've put here before, but given how long it was since I drew these, it could happen.

8 Facts About Booker

8 Facts About Booker

Tagged by WHATiFGirl ( who requested some facts on this demanding squishy fella, Booker. 1. Booker (and WYM as a story) was created in 2005, three years before Kyler came into existence. Booker's original human companion wasn't interesting to work with for me and WYM was shelved until I could design one that was. 2. Booker's original voice was going to sound like Bob Hoskins! It was actually JonCausith ( who suggested the idea of Booker sounding nasally and higher pitched along with his audition for WYM. 3. Booker's name is derived from Kyler's dad calling Kyler a 'nosy bugger' when he was a child, and the latter word sounding different as a

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Happy new year friend!
caat Filmographer
Thanks! Hope your 2019 is a productive one
Oh believe me, I hope so too. Thanks!
Here's the prologue to my first volume of my series! You'll notice some of Rebirth's references used and combined with other elements. Still in the early process though.…
FieryStampedeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave - check out some of my other stuff at!
Gyzmo-GrimHobbyist General Artist
Oh my god as a kid I used to idolize your work; I'm both honored and surprised you chose to visit my page. I hope things are going well for you
caat Filmographer
Thanks! I'd found a comment of yours from 2012 about a project of mine I'd had doubts over at the time. Happy to say the project is still alive, and I appreciate your encouragement and interest in it back then.