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Character from a story I'm slowly but surely developing.
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KeIIion's avatar
wow so wonderful lionman ,so amazing style ,so fantastic color , so excellent artwork

It would be so nice when u draw more lionmans ! or anthro lions so fantastic work
G-man2000's avatar
Really well done. The lighting has a realistic look and allot of the details look sharper.
Donovan448's avatar
Awesome! Are you available for a commission?
jmqrz's avatar
looks really good!
Rtv03's avatar
That's my zodiac sign and therefor you have good taste. I love how you did the hair.

Absolute brilliance.
Vegetorott's avatar
Damn, dude... you keep getting better and better.

I must do better...
Vegetorott's avatar
..That is to say, better than my current "talent".
RaideR24's avatar
looking great !
gwdill's avatar
Awesome character!!
AndersonBlackAdam's avatar
Nice concept and art man!
BICKpen's avatar
Awesome! Love the scar on the face. Is that gray bit at the top left a bone or cloth? Hard to tell.

Also, I propose the Lion be given dreadlocks.
Last-son's avatar
sweet bro your getting better and better
aBenson01's avatar
Boom! Love the bone weapons! Your getting the feel of the painting better and better with ever piece you complete. Keep it up man.
Andy-Korty's avatar
Very intense Dude! The textures are beautiful. It makes me want to see what you would do with a pin-up of the ThunderCats!
BrenGun's avatar
great job!!!!!
fishwithoutfeet's avatar
Lion-o on roids! lol Great work!
Head84's avatar
Amazing design and colors bro, hope to see more stuff from that story
Neumatic's avatar
Certainly cooler than the old Lion Man [link]
commonjohn's avatar
Great! You have a great eye for detail
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