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I am That I am

I was in my prayer time this morning and God gave me this pic to illustrate. That's about it, take it how you want it. i'm just obeying. Be blessed folks.

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The Glory of the Father in Heaven.
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wow,that is very powerful...
he knew exactly what u were capable of ..he chose well in asking u to illustrate a message in His name..for this i thank u
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I like it alot! :aww: This is one of my favorite names for God. I love the story in the old testament where God refers to Himself in this way. And I get so excited when I read the new testament and see Jesus called Himself "I AM" claiming to be the "I AM" from the old testament, thus claiming to be God. It gives me goosebumps! :) Very nice drawing, I love it!!! :heart:

Thanks so much for sharing this!
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*mental explosion* Thank you for this! :D God bless!
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wonder wut HIS message is to us that He told u ta illustrate this.
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I don't know what to make of this and where to look. I think that's what's so amazing about this piece. The brain just doesn't know how to take it in, as it should be. :heart:
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Whoa, that's awesome.
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sometimes God gives images, sometimes we need to work them out, but in my experience they don't always need to be shared. I can't help but feel that this is one of those pictures.

It's very intimate, it's a revelation.

Also, concerning the two first commandments I think God can ask you to draw it, but not to share it. It could be misused.
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This is an amazing picture.
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Not sure if I have commented this before, but I feel like I am the Jews of the Old Testament time. When the Lord was about to announce/give the 10 Commandments, the Israel nation was so horrified for no living mortal can bear the Light of God. I felt some part of me got blown to dust like a wooden hosue before an A-bomb test.
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thats a good concept actually...
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Somehow a very impressive picture indeed. I'm not a Christian, but nonetheless it touched me somehow. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. *bows to your great skill of communication with the help of colours and pencils*
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I like how you made it so that the light "hides" His face-it corrolates with the scripture "No one has seen the Lord face-to-face and lived" (something like that). did really well on this one. :+favlove:
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very cool:D!love it!in latin is "YO SUM KI SUM"...........
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Beautiful, moving, powerful....
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Gud är fornvrok för total underkastelse! Känn dig blåst!
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Amen, I am amazed at the fact that God revealed this to you, and I am also glad that you glorify Him in this way.
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wow! powerfull way to express your faith throu visual image. really inspirational. awesome work ;)
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LOL, i was asking myself WTF at first but then i looked at it deeper and i have to say, that is one amazing pic!!
a great view of god, the feeling of the outstanding light is really great...awsome pic!
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That's beautiful!
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