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Not the greatest at this whole social media thing, but I'm posting here to give it a go anyway!

I'd really love to win this Muppets comp over at Threadless -… - If you're a fan of any of my muppet pieces in my folio, or the Muppet Thor 24 hour comic I did, or just how I draw them, this is a chance to get my take on the lovable troupe on an actual t-shirt!

If you have the time, please throw me a $5 vote, maybe leave a nice comment. The $2,000 prize will also go a long way to getting me back on track with my webcomic, Max Overacts. The more I can earn from my own art and ideas, and little bits and pieces like this, the more I can work on Max and less on seeking freelance.

Thanks in advance for any or all tiniest bits of help guys! :)
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Hi all!

This is just a quick note to say thanks - again! - for all the favourites, likes, shares, etc. that my Catwoman Cat Lady pic got.

Also just to address the many people who have requested it as a print...

Seeing as none of my own characters are in this piece of artwork, I don't feel comfortable making it a print on this site. Yes, it was originally a commission, but we're legally protected for one-off pieces through fair use or artistic license or whatever, but to upload a large file here on deviantart for sale is to set this image up on a production scale which is technically not legal. Now I know DC and Marvel let artists go crazy drawing their characters all over cons and stuff, it's free publicity to them really. But there are a lot of cats in this image owned by far larger and more litigious companies, so I'm not going to risk it. Honestly, I'm surprised deviantart even ALLOWS people to sell prints of licensed characters who don't belong to them.

Sorry if that blows for some people, but that's the way it is. Doing fan art like this isn't a way to get rich, it's just a fun way for some of us to come together in mutual appreciation of the same awesome things. Cats. Comics. Cartoons.
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For anyone who's seen my work here, you know it mostly stems from a weekly sketch challenge I do over at Comic Book Resources on their Comics Should Be Good blog, run by the seemingly sleep-is-unnecessary-to-me Brian Cronin.

With mounting work pressures, and the feeling I've got all I can out of mostly corporate icon comic book mashups, it's time to move on to other things.

Dan, and George - the other two artists who have been along since the beginning - are also leaving, which means THREE spots are open to take our place.

If you think you can handle the tight turn-around of doing one sketch a week indefinitely, I recommend getting in on the fun!

I used the Line to experiment with style and stretch my drawing abilities, - from faux oil paintings to cute chibi style to teaching myself how to handle a brush and ink (an ongoing lesson) - and even sold a lot of the original artwork (under the protection of 'Parody Art' naturally) for anything between 30 and 100 dollars each. It's a great platform - lots of eyes will see your work, (including other professionals you may admire) , and it also means lots of critiques will be thrown your way (regardless of your skill level, and/or feelings) so it's great for learning how to handle the peanut gallery! :D

Here's the link if you want to sign up.
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So, my Indiegogo campaign has sat dormant for a long time! Partly because I think I've exhausted my readers who would like to own a copy of Max, and partly because life has been all over the place for me, moving from Nova Scotia to Alberta by car, and having to set up a new house all over again at the other end.

With little over a week left in the campaign, I've raised barely enough to get 1,000 books printed, but I'd love to get the original 3,000 I'd hoped for, so if you're a Max fan, and didn't know about the campaign, or were waiting to see how it all went... there WILL be a book! Pledge now! Any spreading of the word would be greatly appreciated also!

The campaign is here.
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Well, I've been saying for a while I was going to do this, and it's now live. It's kinda nerve-wracking because it's a HUGE figure to raise, but also... I think I can do it.

I got a quote for 3,000 copies of a full colour 8 x 10 inch landscape book, so that's what I'm aiming for. On a huge book like this, there's no way I would have made anything on digital print-on-demand, so off-set was the only way to go.

If you're reading this and have read Max Overacts, stroll on over to Indiegogo and make a pledge!

If you haven't read Max Overacts, try it out! You may like it. And you may just like a book of it too. :D
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