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This is a 14 x 17 piece for the coolest comic shop in Halifax, Strange Adventures. When I needed some comic pro sheets a month or so ago, they provided them to me in exchange for some original art featuring the store name. Here it is.

Now the fun part!

Across the top - Tintin and Snowy read Daredevil. Superman shows Lois an awesome comic, while Jimmy warns Supes of the dangers of not mylar-bagging. Cap enjoys some X-Factor. Supergirl and Powergirl reading Beasts of Burden. Green Lantern entartains Snoopy, Woodstock, Donald, Mickey, Clumsy, Brainy and Smurfette with a copy of Fables.

Down the left - Spidey reads some Ultimate Spidey with Mr Fantastic looking over his shoulder, and the Torch making mischief, much to Sue's protests. Gwen peacefully reads Shadoweyes. Hellboy, Thing and Hulk bond over Darkwing Duck, while Usagi Yojimbo relaxes with some explosions, and behind them Atomic Robo and Asterix catch Doctor Doom shoplifting.

Middle - Robin, Batgirl and Spider-Woman thrill to the exploits of the Savage Dragon. Archie, Betty and Veronica share a volume of Runaways, with Frankie making eyes at Ronnie while the Goon takes in some four colour goodness. Blue Beetle disapproves of Booster Gold colouring in the comics, while Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and Pheonix chill with their respective comics.

And at the right - Thorn reads the Wonderful Wizard of Oz to an enthralled Possum Kids and Bone (who has set down his copy of Moby Dick long enough to enjoy some real entertainment), Thor, Batman, Invincible, Batwoman, Nightcrawler, and a positively smitten Wolverine. Death appreciates the genius of the Muppet Show, and Ant-Man and the Wasp read over the shoulder of Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, who are getting acquainted over the widely downloaded (and awesome) Underground, while Iron Man restocks.

Short Description - COMICS ARE AWESOME! ;)

(Also, I don't have time to colour it right now, but hopefully I will get around to it some day.)
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kyrtuckHobbyist General Artist
Really cute!
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cool i love some of these comics too :D
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Wow; a great idea! I know and like the most comic characters here.
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Very neat. Really like how you drew everyone.
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caanantheartboyProfessional Artist
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ShaunYeoProfessional Traditional Artist
Teddekkerfan93's avatar
I LOVE this, but there is one thing I want to say: Y NO DOCTOR STRANGE? The joke comes from the name.
caanantheartboy's avatar
caanantheartboyProfessional Artist
You make a very good point.
Teddekkerfan93's avatar
Thank you! It's just, he's my favorite super hero and stuff. Also I found this when I searched Doctor Strange on here. Just goes to show you there are some very good hidden gems on this site.
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This is fantastic!! I wish this was a print I could buy! It would look amazing on my work. Great work!
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caanantheartboyProfessional Artist
It was a print for a while at the actual store itself. Probably doesn't help if you don't live in or near Halifax though. Sorry! :)
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definitely meant wall when i said "my work"
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aditya-dragon-iyerHobbyist Photographer
Dude this is the best thing I've seen in a long time and I almost cried of joy! Awesome. If only I could mash a like/upvote button or something :D
caanantheartboy's avatar
caanantheartboyProfessional Artist
Thanks! Comics should be about the joy! :D
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DynamoeHobbyist General Artist
Nicely done :clap:
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Fabulous work, sir! :clap:
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MysteryOfTheNightHobbyist General Artist
I totally spot Tintin and Snowy in there!
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Very fun piece!
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Wow. I thought I was the only person who knew about Usagi Yojimbo! This is really good, I likes it.
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caanantheartboyProfessional Artist
I've only ever read the first Usagi GN, but I liked it! One day when I'm rich, I will seek them all out for the shelf! Why it's not ridiculously popular, I don't know. I also have another Usagi piece in my gallery, where he's meditating with the Beasts of Burden. :)
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My old Kung-Fu instructor gave me some, I think 1-15 or something. But the last one left me hanging! I don't have money to get any of the other ones either.
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Cool and cute!
SAIDESTROYERProfessional General Artist
I wish there were amazing stores near where I live. I have to order my comics from weird dudes in the internet.


THIS PIECE IS AMAZING!!! I love how excited lil' Booster seems! I looks like the "I f-in love coloring!" meme kid.
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caanantheartboyProfessional Artist
Ha ha! Yep, I know the kid you mean. Not what I had in mind, but I totally see it, because colouring is AWESOME! ;)

This shop is a 45 minute drive for me, but it's everything you'd love about a comic shop. A basement store, and filled to bursting with colour. It's a feast for the eyeballs!! As comics should be...
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