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Kill All Mutants

Part of this week's comic/futurama mash-up week! (The suggestion I chose was Bender as the new king of the Sentinels.)

Originally I was gonna do something dark and ominous, and detailed, but I just don't have as much time for the Line these days! About an hour is all I had, so I ended up doing just a quick sketch and a two-tone colour job.

Adding Magneto at the last minute, head in hands, really makes this piece for me. ;)
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when bender is in control of a powerful weapon, the whole world is screwed
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Did Bender ever realise he IS a powerful weapon? I never did watch the final season.
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Why is Magneto facepalming?
caanantheartboy's avatar
Because they're running. He's embarrassed for all mutants.
GHENGIZZ's avatar
To be fair, it IS Bender wer'e talking about, it might be smart for him to run.
caanantheartboy's avatar
Especially if it's the version of Bender that was made out of wood in that one episode. :)
GHENGIZZ's avatar
Oh yeah! We ALL know how great Magneto is against…
caanantheartboy's avatar
Ha! WOW, that's terrible.

Dude, just shatter your helmet into a bunch of tiny pieces and expel them outwards. Guy carries an instant dirty bomb around on his head.

Don't tell me it's for the sake of the children... ;)
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I think he did
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Hey, Bender, kiss my shiny metal *ss.
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shit....just got real.
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