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Fantastic Five and Six

Not that I'd ever get the chance to work for Marvel, but I would totally love to do a mini-series where Franklin and Valeria manage their own little town of homeless people and down on their luck regular folk, and the madness that would ensue. :)
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This is the most fantastic idea I have seen, this shows the madness, condescencion and pettines of the homeless "problem" in the real world, taking superhero logic.

I must say that I love Franklin and Valeria.  Franklin will be the most powerful beign in the marvel universe, but Valeria has the same ruthlessnes of Doom with a cute factor, making her a compeling antiheroine antivillaness.

Oh, and I think Valeria should say "Unca Doom".  She is cute like that.
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Heh, this is just too good.
I'd have loved to have watched the conversations that led to this.
VALERIA: Hey, would you guys be willing to shrink down to maybe an inch high if you could sleep in dollhouses and eat stuff like relatively huge marshmellows?
HOMELESS GUY:...would these dollhouses have to be pink?
HOMELESS GUY: Okay, I'm game. YOLO.
Its too bad FF is done for as long as Disney can't have the film rights. I could read stuff like this all year long.
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The sad state of things is, I could create my own characters and do this story with them, but in the public consciousness, it would be ignored. Fun with legacy characters is preferred, I think. And fair enough - they're classics for a reason! It's just, there was a time when comics wanted to be socially relevant, and not just good guys fighting other good guys.
Well, I think it would be possible, but you would have to wait quite a bit to establish your characters. Here, with Franklin and Valeria, it works because people are familiar with their personalities and that of Reed Richards, who is a little too deferential to authority (as established by the Civil War arc) for him to think of these things.
As I wrote this, I realized that you're actually right: you could do this with your own characters. Perhaps make the kids into something of a mix of Dexter (Dexter's Lab), Becker, House, and Mandy (Billy & Mandy). They go and do things that need to be done but their genius parents somehow never get around to. After an alien invasion is barely defeated they go up and turn the Moon into a Death Star-like weapon. They drop a cryo-bomb into volcanoes that threaten the eastern US. They invent an orbiting tractor beam that pulls meteors and asteroids to earth so they can be mined for rare minerals. They invent nanites that devour cancerous tissue. In general they do what they want and exasperate their parents. Further thoughts available as needed.

I see where you're coming from but I also see why many modern writers and artists tend to shy away. Not every issue that comes up is as cut and dried as, say, "don't beat up gay people" and it's not easy to convey a moral on something that has more than one side. Its also really easy to fumble on those kinds of stories, as Captain Planet did on more than one occasion; and I'm not sure the impact that Green Lantern and Green Arrow's respective racial and drug dramas were what the DC editors were hoping for.
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Lol, loved this. Always wondered why with Pym particles they don't solve world hunger in like two seconds.
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I pretty sure Hank thought that, but with stuff he went through with the suit. I think putting in foods would be a unspeakable horror.
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I think given the two core things people tend to connect Hank Pym with he needs something good to correct the balance up nicely. ;)
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If Valeria and Franklin don't get the Nobel Prize yesterday, then Doom should invade Norway.  Just saying.
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Oh my god, that last panel xD
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this sold me on a comic book series that i've never been able to get interested into. nicely done. combination of likable characters and the artists style. love it.
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Wow, Valerie's got sass.
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Heck, yeah. Greater intelligence only brings peace of mind if everyone else around you has it too. ;)
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Fairly accurate to the comics - Val and Reed debate things all the time. They even argue whether or not to have crusts on their sandwhiches (Reed doesn't like crusts and Val does) Reed likes having his little scientist-girl to bounce things off of lol

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Yeah, intelligence doesn't really help with peace of mind. That requires wisdom. Her father probably learned that after the accident.
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Oh my gosh, this is just too perfect.
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I would buy this series so fast.
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I'd support this series...
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Oh ye gods, this is madness! I love it! :evillaugh:
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