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The rap legends

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Beginin' from the left there are: Dr. Dre, Puff Daddy (P.Diddy or Sean John), 2PAC, Notorious B.I.G (Biggy Small), Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg. I like all of them but they aren't my favourites. I just have to say they are most respected by me. It's the biggest (real size - 100cmx70cm) and the best of my drawings ever:) I think so... It took a lot of hours but I can truly say it is done:D Madness...:P

I have to comment the text above. I drew it some time ago...quite some time. Now I'm not so pround of it, when I was after finishing it. I changed, my drawing skills changed, so I think today I would't even want to draw something like that. At the same time I want to fill my gallery with that work:)
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Today's "rappers" couldn't even come close to these legends. Old school rappers are simply the best!
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All my favorite Rappers man! And really Legendary Rappers ! God bless you brotha for this work 🙏🏿
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You forgot EAZY- E 
And Nice 
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awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lllove it
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Excelent draw man!

It would be great if Nas and Eazy-E were here but it's hard to draw all of them.

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Picture would be better without Diddy, he's no legend, he's the reason why we lost Pac and B.I.G.
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:D really epic commnet
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This is a link to a mixtape of 2pac vs. Biggie.
I noticed your picture and thought you might like it.
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amazing work man ...... here my link to my site check it out [link] :)
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i likeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttt

ma nigggaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Hahaha, xD, P Diddy and Jay-Z are on here... ever heard of KRS-One, Chuck D or Rakim?
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I don't care how damn influential Rakim was. His actual music isn't nearly as good as any of these guy's. Hip hop was less evolved and less refined during his era. Songs then were too long and too repetitive (I even feel this way about Straight Outta Compton).

Anyways, great drawing.
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that's your point of view. To me, that era of Hip Hop was waaay better than what you hear now. Hence the name: 'golden era'.
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I'm not a real big a fan of contemporary hip hop. To me, virtually the whole 1990s was the true golden era. You had all of Tupac and Biggie's albums, Ice Cube's first three were amazing, The Chronic and Doggystyle, Dah Shinin' by Smif and Wessun, the first three Tribe Called Quest albums, Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt, Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous by Big L, Capital Punishment by Big Pun, Wu-Tang Clan's albums, Cypress Hill's albums, Music to Driveby by Compton's Most Wanted, and the list goes on and on.

But like you said, just my opinion. The world would be a boring place if we all had the same opinions.
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Indeed we all have our opinions. My list would be more like: Run DMC's self titled debut, Radio by LL, all 4 Eric B & Rakim's, all 5 Boogie Down Productions', the first 4 Public Enemy's, first 2 Ice Cube solo's, The DOC - No One Can Do It Better, first 3 EPMD's and so on. So mid 80's until 92.
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Yeah, that's a really great list too.
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I did it some time ago and there are people who i respect for where they were born and who they became, what they did, not only for their music. So why u comment my art? For show everyone your (the best) rap - knowledge. I hate that. Comment how i did my art, how i drew that, not for who i set on it. It's like :
"- I like Batman!
- What?!o_0 Have u ever heard of Spider-man...sucker"
It is my art not yours, so...
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Cool down man, just wanted to know if you knew them. Cause I am curious if there really are people who know both P Diddy and KRS-One, and think Diddy's better.
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Where is Easy E??
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good work youre a good drawer ;3
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awesome pic man...great work..all of em are awesome next time draw T.I. lol :P
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