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015 Shuffle or Boogie

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This is so sick!
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What the hell is your problem? I'm so sick and tired of Sakaguchi fans

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Ha ha hah, I can only guess what card Zell just lost to Squall :lmao:. And then he says something like "WE'RE NOT THROUGH YET, THE NEXT ONE IS FOR KEEPS!" And then Squall silently ponders if he has to sit there for another five to ten matches before he can finally leave...

But one has to wonder: how DID Zell get ahold of Squall's Triple Triad deck before they were all sent to Galbadia's D-District Prison? There you are, stuck inside a prison and supposedly you SHOULD try ascending towards the torture chamber where Squall's being held... OR, you can just go for the lower levels in order to get free crap and play triple triad with other inmates XD. And if you got Battle meter from Cid, you can now get Character Report upgrade from one of the triple triad players (but without the previous uppgrade, you apparently can't challenge this guy).

Free stuff before bros, always. Even if said bros had just been put through hell and now they're hanging from chains while being unconscious... Yup, I've got my gamer priorities straight.

I just checked your FF VIII collection part 1 and I must admit, I really like how you used OST track names as titles for each piece :). Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the rest of this series.
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This is simply amazing!
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I suck in this card game ( I'm better in the one in FF9 ^^; ).
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Which scene was this? I'm struggling a little.
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haha no particular scene but the music is for the triple triads game so thats what theyre doing, playing cards! :D
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Ah of course! FF8 had the best of the card games I think.
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