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December 15, 2010
itsaBox Icon by ~c55inator. It's simply a box. But with so much scope for use! A really clean, functional and colourful icon for your Mac.
Featured by BurgerBunny
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itsaBox Icon

Well, itsaBox. It was an experiment, and my first ever fully "Mac Style" icon not based off of anything. I worked on texturing, perspective, materials, and other things, especially scalability. It scales almost perfectly.

That said, it is a box that you can use as an icon for stacks, for a folder, for a pen drive, anything really. It's a box. And it was fun to make. And it has a ribbon on. Only one ribbon, though.

As always, comments and criticism on any aspect of this icon [Except for originality/innovation] is appreciated.

Please fullview it, otherwise the image is fuzzy. :-)

**EDIT** I just got my first DD! Many many thanks to BurgerBunny! I am happy now. ^_^
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pandafeetz's avatar
Great Icon! Love the concept. I use it for my folders and it looks stunning.
Jysen's avatar
Scarbo27's avatar
One of my favourite icons ...ever!
SoundForge's avatar
Nice and congrats with the DD! :D
Do-You-Remember-Me's avatar
It is indeed a box... it'd be hard to mistake for anything else, after all. The real question here is: just what is in the box?? More boxes? My cat? Nothing? Now that is an intriguing one...
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Meower's avatar
A box I found a box GOOD FOR ME :iconfreakazoidplz:
SharpGuard's avatar
:icondickinaboxplz::iconsaysplz:ITS MY DICK IN A BOX
Liquidinfirmity's avatar
I'm amazed at how nobody is freaking out about how the file is '666KB' Nice change of pace from the regular idiots I talk to.
MelodyMe's avatar
very neat :D
its also cool how you managed to sign it without it looking bad~!
EryckWebbGraphics's avatar
Very well done, polished and eye-candy goodness. Love your presentation of it as well with the type on the white background.

Miauw-1991's avatar
you made high rise building illusion with that box , i like it ^^
abubble1234's avatar
Step one... cut a hole in the box... (Though it's going to take a little more work than that! XD)

It looks excellent... I'm going to use it for my pendrive icon! :) Thank you very much!^^
Mekki's avatar
Simple and neat! I like.
RhayvenNite's avatar
What if the box is a lie too, considering cakes are packed in boxes? D:
HYDRATTZ's avatar
Scalable, that means vector :)
c55inator's avatar
Technically, yes. I just meant that it could be scaled down to 16px from 1024px and not grow any less clear; it lost unnecessary rather than necessary detail.

The point is moot because I'm too lazy to make a new preview image.
pixartica's avatar
One of the best icon and idea I've seen.

Added on pixartica
c55inator's avatar
Thank you! I think it's the best I've made so far, and I intend to make sure that all of my future icons are somewhere around this level of quality.

Thanks for featuring!
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