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Super Mario Twilight by domobfdi

fees for a copy of super mario twilight,,,,,

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    Donated Apr 8, 2018, 2:24:38 PM
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    Donated Feb 18, 2018, 5:22:45 AM




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Something About Kirby Super Star
Artist | Student | Digital Art

ay welcome to my new acc -XxSlimeballs4lifexX

you will see cancer everywhere
so prepare urselves


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me: im not making an artfight account.

also me:
just realized that this is national kissing day...
im going to kiss myself in a mirror, i dont care if it counts as selfcest(?)
help me out!hey! first off thank you (again) for the donations i've been getting in my ko-fi. They're all meaningful to me no matter the amount i get! 
So i'm in really deep need of money and can't open commissions yet until i finish some owed art
long story short, i'm trying to gather some money until the 16th because i'm finally moving and need to me financially prepared, even if i don't bring much money, it can help still
i've uploaded 2 adoptables and i'm selling characters as well! please check it ;w;
my ko-fi is also open anytime if you wanna donate ;w; 
if you can't help with money you can just spread this around! any kind of help is appreciated ;;
this is quite important to me, so if you're able to help it would mean a lot!

im giving up. (vent)i just am certain by now i can no longer count on this site 
the community is been distant and plain TRASH.
i've tried anything, ANYTHING at my sight, uploaded journals, adopts, updated them constantly and whatever and nothing seems to work 
i've had work organizing prices and drawing designs to get emergent money for my cat to eat, AT LEAST. 
and it ends up in absolutely nothing.
this unmotivates me a LOT, specially on reopening my commissions, because this makes me be sure no one will even look at it.
i have 1780 watchers in this website. 1780. yet, only 3 or 4 have helped me when it came to emergencies.
and when i say help, i'm not just talking about giving money, i'm also talking about spreading it around, because not even that kind of help i get.
how are people so cold to the point they just simply ignore cries for help? 
i'm not asking for attention, i'm literally desperate because it is important to me to gather money at this stage of my life.
and befo

help this user out, because i cant. im poor : (
getting so much llamas from random people and i love it
happy fourth of july! im currently playing the 4kids national anthem bass boosted in my room.
oh and if you guys didnt notice end of year exams are over, im on summer holiday :>
*kid gets ddlc, boots it up for the first time*

"individuals suffering from anxiety and depression may not have a safe experience playing this game. for content warnings, please visit:"

kid pre-depression: im going to play this game

*two minutes later*

kid post-depression: im going to commit suicide

kid's parent: this game is making children feel suicidal
everyone: 1V1 ME ON ARTFIGHT GUYS!!!!!!!

me: if i show my art on artfight im dead
yes, i am @ the fucking title

so yeah, commissions are now a thing from me

buckle up kiddos

the great popstar war of 1843 by C4RR13KRU3G3Rwhat did you just say to me lil' bitch by C4RR13KRU3G3Rvierno redraw by C4RR13KRU3G3R
KIRBY FCS = 15 points
+1 more character = 10 points
with background = 3 points
with shading = 3 points

quote on quote best pm1 partner ever by C4RR13KRU3G3Rbombett by C4RR13KRU3G3RChiplow by C4RR13KRU3G3R
+1 more character = 5 points
with background = 3 points
with shading = 4 points

stay with the embers by C4RR13KRU3G3R
FULL BODY HUMANS = 25 points
+1 more character = 10 points
with background = 7 points
with shading = 5 points

SlimeryHeadshot by C4RR13KRU3G3R
+1 more character = 3 points
with background = 3 points
with shading = 5 points

[insert example here wtf]

DA AVATAR ICON = 8 points
+1 more character = 3 points
with background = free
with shading = 1 point

also there are some mcfucking rules with this:

1. do not rush me to complete your commish, otherwise i will just cancel the entire thing and you get no refund. the reason it will take me so long to finish its because 1) i have other commishes to finish 2) im busy outside of the internet (yes, i have a life) and/or 3) im a procrastinator. if it takes me a week or even more to complete a commish, you can ask for a refund.

2. no +18 stuff (like; nsfw or excessive gore).

3. please note im not an expert artist, so anything that looks complicated i might not draw it.

4. do not send the points until i tell you your commish has been accepted

and thats all. rules may update from time to time.


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