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groovePlayer 2.0 [Rainmeter NowPlaying skin]



NowPlaying skin for Rainmeter styled on Windows 10's Groove Music UWP app, with three display modes.

Widget mode
  • Centres to desktop.
  • Sets position to bottom.
  • Displays settings icon.
Full screen mode
  • Fills entire screen. [This has only been tested using a single-monitor set-up.]
  • Sets position to topmost.
  • Displays time at top-right of skin.

Mini view mode

  • Aligns to top-right of screen.
  • Sets position to topmost.
  • Shows track information when cursor hovers over skin.
Uses ImageMagick's convert tool to create the background image and coloured progress bar, hence relatively large file size.

Supported players

See the Rainmeter documentation for the list of supported players.


Version 2.0
  • Added new mini view.
  • Moved progress bar position to better match Groove Music.
  • Added current time and total time at either end of progress bar.
  • Re-added Spotify as a player option, although this has not been tested (see notes on version 1.1).
  • Added "Enable dragging" option, so that skin can be moved between multi-monitor set-ups.
  • Removed background image desaturation.
  • Removed coloured progress bar option.
Version 1.1
  • Added option for coloured progress bar based on average colour of album art.
  • Auto-hide now hides the skin when music has stopped, rather than just when player is closed.
  • Track time moved to float just above progress bar, showing time remaining.
  • Condensed player selection options from 13 to 9.
  • Option to select Spotify completely removed due to compatibility issues with NowPlaying plugin.
  • Update frequency for large static images set to "-1" to try and resolve slow performance.
  • Button icon size increased to better match Groove Music, along with new "down" state.
  • Updated font used for displaying artist and album.
Version 1.0
  • Initial release.
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Love this one, but it crashes Rainmeter sometimes on song changes (under WIndows 11/Winamp) and I'm not sure why.