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EDIT:Decided to spruce the journal up. Just 'cuz. /EDIT


Any commission, for any icon, journal doll, drawing, painting, etc. is pick-a-price! This means that I'll draw/sprite/etc. whatever for you, and you choose how much to pay! Want an example of what I do? Simply comment here, and I'll be happy to show you!
Limits? Only a few:
:bulletred:All prices must be paid in points. I may be in need of money, but I refuse to commission for it.
:bulletblue:Must be at least ONE point. No freebies. Not even for close friends.
:bulletred:For me to even start on the drawing/icon/etc., you must pay me. I will not start until I get the points.
:bulletblue:Along with the points, I will need some sort of ref for the character I am drawing/spriting/etc. I prefer full body from all sides, but I will work with whatever you are able to give me. Please do not word it out, however. I won't understand.
:bulletred:If it is a drawing, Journal Doll, or something "flexible" to draw/animate, I'd like an explanation of how you want it to look, as detailed as possible.

...And I think that's it! If an excess amount of points are gained from this event, I'll reopen requests to all, maybe more.

I can't wait to start taking your commissions~!

If possible, it would be great if you spread this deal around. I'm in a serious need of points, and your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you might even get a discount or gift after the event! :meow:
Of course, to get one of them you'd have to let me know you did something. You don't have to tell me, even an anonymous advertisement is appreciated. Anonymous contributers simply won't get a discount/gift, unless a link to what you did/said is sent to me and the uploading date is within a reasonable time span.

IT'S SO DARK, PEWDIE by medli20
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I really like your Nobel Icon. I don't have any Pokemon chars. But I wonder if you could do one for my red panda sona?


Is 25 points in the ballpark?
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I'll be happy to give the icon a go! ^^

I'll go ahead and add you to the list, so feel free to send the points when you're ready.
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Fantastic! Points sent
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Thanks! I'll get to making it as soon as I can!