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About Literature / Hobbyist Core Member Darin LaGarry51/Male/United States Group :iconcollaborativeminds: CollaborativeMinds
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Mauled By A Meatball
Mauled by a meatball
Crushed by a cake
Chased by the cutlery
Boiled twice, then baked
Ran from the rutabagas
Hid from the ham
Slipped on the sourkraut
"Healthy foods" a scam
Caved for banana-chips
Melted for the cheese
Slackened for the parsley snips
Ate an egg with ease
Searching for a sample size
Buying whole-wheat bread
Staring at my ample thighs
Going back to bed
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 2 3
The Return of the Wizard by C1nderellaMan The Return of the Wizard :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 13 7
Leave Alone My Provolone
Leave alone my provolone
don't buglarize my brie
my pepper jack stays in my sack
my mascarpone ain't free
I can't guarantee your health or safe-tee
if you swindle or swaddle my swiss
My nose will detect a dent or defect
if you bump or befuddle my bliss
If you drop by with a cheddar cheese pie
delightfully gooey and fresh
well, then I'll abide and gladly provide
an american slice on a dish
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 11 18
Tourists by C1nderellaMan Tourists :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 25 20
We Are Drowning
The TV mumbled and flickered.
In the distance the door softly
closed. Footsteps, and she entered
wearing her favorite pink jacket
and tights.
"I got a 90!" her face beamed
brighter than any luminescent
60 inch smart LED TV purchased
at wal mart recently on sale
with the extended service plan.
She held in her hand a piece
of paper with several stickers
in the top left corner near
a large, red, circled "90".
Canned laughter eminated from the
simulated surround-sound speakers
with bass-boost technology.
Her mom chuckled.
"I got a 90!" she said again
this time as the announcer
explained the side effects
of Celebrex for effective
treatment of arthritis.
Her mom looked at her from
the couch and smiled.
"Yay! Good for you!"
just as the canned laughter
For a moment she could still
see her mother treading water
among the waves of disinterest,
her body rising and falling
with the sitcom plotlines.
Then she was gone.
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 11 12
A Dreamer's Dream by C1nderellaMan A Dreamer's Dream :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 36 24 Barely Noticeable by C1nderellaMan Barely Noticeable :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 27 23 Winter's Cure by C1nderellaMan Winter's Cure :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 21 6
How To Murder Your Muse
I can't think! My poems stink!
My rhymes just stare blankly and seldomly blink.
My writing is crabby, my citing is flabby
My verses were cursed by my three year old tabby.
"Not feeling inspired?" my doctor inquired,
"Maybe your muse feels abused and retired?"
"Here are some pills, they're crunchy and pink.
Take two at bedtime with plenty of drink!
By morning your musings will bandage their bruising.
Your rhymes will be chiming and bouncing and cruising!"
"He's a real pro." I thoughtfully thinked.
Munching on meds I then said, "All right pink,
let's cure my write crisis and restock my ink!"
As late evening crept, I slept and I dreamed.
I saw my muse trembling under a tree.
She looked rather stressed, her hair was a mess
her clothes were all tattered and not even pressed.
I felt some compassion and knelt on one knee.
"Muse!" I compelled, "Please, why did you flee?
My work has no passion and lacks joie de vie!"
She paused in mid-sob, then grabbing my ears:
"Please make it stop!" as her ey
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 147 93
Ghosts of my Past by C1nderellaMan Ghosts of my Past :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 20 14 The Return of the King by C1nderellaMan The Return of the King :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 18 23 Paper Butterflies by C1nderellaMan Paper Butterflies :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 78 43 Bicycle Tricycle by C1nderellaMan Bicycle Tricycle :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 15 15
Kathy Kerfuffle's Wonderous Bubble
Kathy Kerfuffle
produced a great bubble
while chewing on
grape flavored gum.
Her friends were amazed,
acquaintances dazed
and even her teacher
was stunned.
As Kathy was beaming
and gloating and gleaming
she failed to remember
the rule:
Bad boys are jokers
and pencils are pokers
so don't blow great bubbles
in school!
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 53 42
The Last Green Door by C1nderellaMan The Last Green Door :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 21 20 A Sunny Day by C1nderellaMan A Sunny Day :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 31 23
My latest nonsense.


Colors of Fall
Autumn rose petals -
Color glow in the fall mist:
Moist scent of late sun.
:iconmalintra-shadowmoon:Malintra-Shadowmoon 5 7
The return of the wizard by LualaDy The return of the wizard :iconlualady:LualaDy 99 45
Life gets in the way
So, I have been otherwise occupied as of late. I truly apologize to my awesome admin LualaDy and C1nderellaMan of CollaborativeMinds that I have been out of it... Especially you LualaDy. I abandoned my post and drove her crazy in the process. 
My husband retired from the Navy (Not officially yet but we had the ceremony). We had family over and many friends and well I am easily overwhelmed. Lots of painting led up to this. Not fun painting either... it was the hard house painting stuff... much of it was crown moulding... my neck is really not happy. 
I bit my tongue and oh my the bleeding... really deep and that was Saturday afternoon and it is still causing difficulty eating. 
I ended up taking my daughter and niece to the beach Sunday morning, and the heat was miserable, despite my view from under the pier. The sun is truly my enemy.
I wanted to sleep the day away but had to return supplies we rented from the military outdoor rec. Then there was the update on t
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 1 15
Focus on illustrated Literature
Hello :iconlualady: & :iconmegapixelmasterpiece: here for OurDreamsWillCome 
Here with another feature where we delve into individual folders each month to showcase and feature all the great work that our members have ever submitted to that particular folder. We'll also be sharing a video that matches the theme for the month.
This month the focus turns to Illustrated Literature. 

Let's kick this off with some quick announcements!
There is still plenty of time to submit or create a new piece for our June prompt
We accept all media to the monthly theme, as long as it fits the theme
Submit your art to the monthly folder
 Old or new (preferably not older than 1 year)
:iconmegapixelmasterpiece:MegapixelMasterpiece 6 14
DD Discussion chat on June 9
In May we held a special chat event to discuss Literature Daily Deviations.  Many members of the Literature community attended, including several people who had received a Daily Deviation in the month of April.  We have decided to go ahead with a second DD Discussion, which will feature a selection of Literature Daily Deviations from the month of May.
Thus, we are inviting you to join us in CRLiterature this Saturday, June 9 from 11am-1pm Pacific Time - see what that is in your time zone here.  A list of the works of literature that we intend to discuss can be found below.
We believe that discussion with friends and peers is a valuable part of how a reader experiences literature, and
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 5 9
All Mediums Contest: Your Take On It
Dear members,
Welcome to yet another projecteducate contest in which all art mediums are accepted. We've got a bit of a different prompt for you this time around, and we hope you will find it as exciting as we do! Please carefully read all the details below to find out how to enter!
The Prompt:
For this contest, we are going to present you with a wide variety of inspiring artworks from a large variety of art mediums. To enter the contest, you are going to pick 1 of these pieces of art, and you are going to create your own version of it.
What does this mean exactly? We all have different styles, different art mediums, different interpretations of certain concepts and emotions, different visions, etc. For this contest, we want you to take one of these already existing pieces, and use it as the inspiration for your own new piece, based on it.
Your entry can be in any medium you choose, so for example, if you choose a digital art piece, your entry can be any art
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 128 181
breeding by Chris-Karbach breeding :iconchris-karbach:Chris-Karbach 3,418 118 Flower's time by LG77 Flower's time :iconlg77:LG77 576 47
From the Galleries of LNA - March 2018



Quiet evening by Gudzart
The Last Snow by MagicLaDyCharm
Bunnies by roseblood1313
Sirenity by MarianthiZ
A Dreamer's Dream by C1nderellaMan
Suit Up! by Yuukon
Alice in Wonderland by anais-anais61
In the setting sun by BGai
Terra Branford Final Fantasy 6 - watercolor by Chenyi87
Nightscape by KlaraDrielle
SNOWFLAKE 4 by Iris-cup
Bone dormitory room by MalthusWolf
:iconvanndra:vanndra 19 58
15 under 15
I have decided to jump on the 15 under 15 bandwagon!
I am here to showcase 15 deviations with under 15 favs.:la:
Why? You ask. Well I believe that artist/writers with a large audience base can help those who don't have one.
So, here are the others in this series:

Please show them some love!
Now for my feature.

And for you literature people:

Enjoy the Feature and keep the love m
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 8 44
@ourdreamswillcome Feb18 Feature Part 2
Hello! :iconlualady: for OurDreamsWillCome here!
Part 1:
 Monthly theme participation
 Deviant of the month
 News and articles from our members and affiliates
Part 2:
 Monthly highlights
Now, let's begin!!!


YCH 19 by coldioc
Crush and Rain by Kell0x Blue Moonstone [Steven Universe OC] by GirlWithTheGreenHat
:iconlualady:LualaDy 11 24
Awareness of the Arts: Hidden Light
*Update* July 2nd- I apologize, as I have been dealing with personal issues over the past several days and was unable to remind everyone to send in their entries. I know I have a "no extensions" rule but due to my inactivity I am giving all contestants until midnight July 5th, to get their entries into the proper folders. This is the folder. Please note:  you must link this journal and your partners piece (not just their dev id) in the comment section of your deviation. 
If you don't know how check out this link:
How to link deviants, deviations, or websites!

Note that if you do not have core: you will have to link the actual URL from this journal and your partners work.
*Update* June 14th- Hello, everything is still
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 87 339
Danse Macabre by Maquenda Danse Macabre :iconmaquenda:Maquenda 2,580 50 witch house (winter) by VityaR83 witch house (winter) :iconvityar83:VityaR83 6,426 126
Welcome to my World Feature n91

Welcome to my (not so)weekly feature! Here is the menu!
 A feature of 6 of my watchers
Featuring watchers from oldest to newest. Empty galleries do not get featured.
I won't feature pieces which aren't on point with credits, offensive content and non-English literature (everybody should be able to read)
 A feature for any gift I recieve or collab I complete
 Bonus Round: featuring winners of contests and challenges I support and favourites from my personal collection.
So let's get started !
Watchers Feature
Before we start, I'm sorry if my older journals have lost their skin, I fcked up....
>> Listen <<

:iconlualady:LualaDy 8 17
Voyager by GranDosicua Voyager :icongrandosicua:GranDosicua 7,884 648

Something is Brewing (collaborations)

On Deck!
:bulletgreen: :iconleon118: Epic Hamster!

On Pause!
:bulletgreen: :iconlualady: A Fairy Tale!





Darin LaGarry
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer, collaborator, and occasional photographer. My material wanders between deeply moving, chuckle-worthy childish, and gloomily ominous... my muse can never really make up its mind.

I do software development up near the border of Canada in NY state, USA. Some day I hope to write for a living instead! I am happily married for 30 years and have three kids in college. Thanks for your interest in my art!

Thank you to Tsvetka for my absolutely perfect profile picture! :D



86 deviations
Mauled by a meatball
Crushed by a cake
Chased by the cutlery
Boiled twice, then baked

Ran from the rutabagas
Hid from the ham
Slipped on the sourkraut
"Healthy foods" a scam

Caved for banana-chips
Melted for the cheese
Slackened for the parsley snips
Ate an egg with ease

Searching for a sample size
Buying whole-wheat bread
Staring at my ample thighs
Going back to bed
Mauled By A Meatball
A poem about food frustration.  No matter what we do, we eat what we like and our body hates us for it.

I just woke up at 3am... my blood pressure was soaring and I was completely parched.  I ate just before bed something very rich and delicious... probably too much of it.  Still, is the pain worth the price? Sometimes, definitely... just don't kill me off yet.
177 deviations
The Return of the Wizard
A colaboration with the talented LualaDy for the contest Awareness of the Arts: Hidden Light by the group CollaborativeMinds!

Sometimes i think life can get in the way, and our muse lies still in the darkness, like an ember waiting for a simple breath to ignite it.

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