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Sleepy's Resource Warehouse {of Amazing People}
OR a list of valuable list links I've gathered over the years that will hopefully be of help to you with your making comics!
Seriously though, these people are all amazing you definitely need to follow them and give them love!
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as a response to my irish clone: here is a welsh myth who was a pretty nice guy and sort of an anime character

I just beat the entire octo expansion within about 10, maybe twelve hours.

pretty good challenge overall, though one stage is incredibly mean
has anyone noticed that I upload whenever Saraleinighthaven doesn't?
What are people's favourite Pokemon? I would like an answer to this question by the way, it's actually for something.
my dad and I just got done watching the entirety of the Sarah Jane Adventures. 

R.I.P. Elizebeth Sladen, may she rest in peace knowing how many hearts she touched both young and old. "and the story goes on... Forever."
Tagged by :iconempresslorelai::iconbakedbaddie: and lorelai again

1.Salty or Sweet Foods

I like both but sweet stuff mostly

2.Favorite Song/Music

uuuh, that's difficult

3.Favorite Instrument


4.If you could have any powers (You can only pick 3) Which would they be and why?

reality warping, because then I could have any other power I wanted. Loopholes!

5.Favorite anime

Cardcaptor Sakura

6.Cute things or scary things

Both are good, but cute is better

7.Have you ever tried learning a diffrent language?


8. If you could live in any fictional world which one would it be

oof, there's so many to choose from. probably the pokemon world

9. Have you ever seen anyone famous in a real life situation


10. Favorite Vacation spot/Dream Vacation spot if you havnt been their


11. Would you go to space if you were able to for free of charge but you have to live up their for say...a month

umm, I'd give it a try, sure

12. Is this a jojo refrence?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.....YES!
  1. Do you like ghost stories?  Indeed I do
  2. What type of candies do you throw out of your trick or treating bag as soon as you see them? none, I've never been trick or treating.
  3. If you were a mermaid, what type of fish would you be? Do you mean fish tail? because umm... I don't know
  4. Do you believe in ghosts? yeah
  5. Have you ever felt sparks when you kiss someone? no
  6. Do you think aliens have visited earth yet? maybe, maybe not, can't say
  7. America is a dumpster fire, agree or disagree? I think every first world country is a bit of a trainwreck in some way
  8. Do you listen to Podcasts? and if so, which ones? no
  9. What do you think of Art Deco? if it's what I think it is then it's a fun and interesting style
  10. Tea or Coffee? not a fan of either really, but I probably would have chocolate coffee
  11. Sci-fi or Fantasy?  again, tough choice
  12. Do you love someone? in what way?
1.Favorite Food there's lots
2.Favorite Manga (If you Read Manga) Cardcaptor Sakura
3.Do You Read Comipo Manga? yes
4.Favorite FGA Character (If youve actually looked at my works) Kuri
5.Favorite type of Accessories (Scarves earmuffs anything like that) long flowy things like scarves and capes
6.Favorite condiment (If you eat condiments on your things vinegar
7.Favorite Childhood Show (Cartoon live action anime anything) once again CCS
8.Favorite Modern Show (Same With 7) umm, I'd say, Kamen rider drive... exaid, or maybe build
9.Day or Night day
10.Favorite Type of Monster/Monster Girl mm, catgirls, obviously. slimes are cool too though
11.Least Favorite Colour don't really have one
12.Do you want more Questions c.< no C:<
  • Listening to: various
  • Reading: nothing, I should rectify that
  • Watching: Youtube vids
  • Playing: various
  • Eating: food that I feel like eating
  • Drinking: Milk (I'm secretly a cat)


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I'ma cubone


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