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falling dream

I have never had a dream where I am falling...
so I made one a while back
gad I need to submit some better stuff.
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Fly you fool...
I did... So can you
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where's the background from? :)
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Oh fuck... i hate those dreams o.o good work though.
raize's avatar
This is really amazing, and so simple! I am going to have to go out and make some of these for myself falling off of things :)
BudaiOlivia's avatar
.... one piece of my fucking recurrent dream. :DDDD
0verSoul's avatar
I've plenty of these dreams, so I can relate to this piece! :D
Just keep wishing I'll wind up flying in one of them.
Bluesplendont's avatar
I've had dreams where it feels like you're falling but you don't know it and all of sudden, you feel like a thud like it feels like you've really been falling.
EbonyRain34's avatar
This is amazing.. How did you do it? You captured the feeling perfectly
Dark13Death's avatar
woo, that's how it feels many times
nanamin's avatar
I came across this on Google and think it's pretty cool :)
anubisgrl's avatar
this happened in a previous dream I had....:noes: :icongaspplz: BUT THIS IS AMAZING!! :dummy:
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Wow this is great for someone who never experience a falling dream. It's a lot like the falling dreams I sometimes have.
yunaXsora's avatar
Wow. Would you mind if I Sketched this, but bended it a bit? Credit to you, of course
Love2bd1's avatar
this isnt bad. ive had many dreams like this especially when i feel the moment my adrenaline keeps pumping but wonder as i wake up what just happened why am i so pumped. it happens many times but i forget even if it is this sometimes. whenu wake up with the feeling you did something you never wanna do again i think its this but why cant i stopthinking this. btw this is really well its almost as if u had a camera while you were falling from the building lol
iiTWOpistolsII's avatar
I love this. How did you do it, if you dont mind my asking.
Unknownmarksman115's avatar
I had a dream like this once, when I splatted to the ground, I woke up and I was on the floor, it felt like 5 minutes falling from the building, but it took 1 scond to fall off of the bed XD
Miss-Zenith's avatar
It's funny. I've had a similar dream once, myself. But most times, I'm just at the top of the skyscraper, looking warily down. Well done with this pic!
Deadmeat553's avatar
i have these dreams. only difference is I fall up.
chipettesandvulpix2's avatar
very nice! i love and hate those dreams...
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hey can you make 1 that shows someone reaching out for a building and just falling short? same like this,1s person exept u see both hands, but you see the building is just slightly above his hands.(id like it if u just stopped here since you never see yourself in your dream) you can add the face and body as a reflection off the buildings glass ,if its glass,the panicked face reaching out and realizing they missed. or this 1 again, exept instead of looking up,make it so you see the ground.
1 FINAL REQUEST, can you make this 1 bigger,id like to use it as a wall paper :-)
TheDeathSaint's avatar
*facepalm* forgot to click the picture to enlarge it.... scratch off that last request....
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