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Okay, so after I had found a fabulous artist the other day and featuring their work. I have decided to start doing a monthly feature of people's work that don't have many watchers when they deserve it. 

I mean after all look at all of these! 

(If anyone has suggestions for someone who you think deserves to be featured note me with a link)

Rules for being featured. 

1. You must have under 500 watchers.
2. you can note me for yourself or another person
3. (I may add a third but I can't think of one right now .... Enjoy!)

I thank everyone that is here on DA for sharing their work and I look forward to featuring more people in the future. 

In dephts by Xe-none

Zen - Mystic Messenger by SiobeleeArt

Shinkai background practice by Shiredora

Fox 03 by MesiBubu

Green witch by Bemozavr

Girl in city by SolncevaSol

Orange by Hallibell-Yin

Invasion by AnimalAsLeader

Steampunk Project - Billy and S.P.A.D.E (Digital) by MadAndPerplexed

Selfishness by JohnEmpty

Gap of the life by 13PaVel

Pulp Girl by Xeurum

Breaking by heartlines-art

Tick tock by miniemushroom

Govinda by sattvyogini

Wait for U forever by chinchongcha

Midnight Sun by SlytherclawPadawan

Layla / Christina Ricci by junkome

Huevember 01-04 (OPM) by Lyferie

Redhair by Silva-san

Flowers by AgniyaKabitova

De'vin x Maximus by Sphyrnax

Sun and chill by mutatedeye

Hail To The King by ChocolateQuakez

Gallery by Aetiiart

OC : Guardian Elly by AlphaRabbitHerder

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Datenshikun4's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my work. :)
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
Sphyrnax's avatar
I just saw this ;v; You're so awesome Waffles thank you :heart:
I had so many notifications and this wasn't showing lol
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
lol no worries ^_^ and your welcome, you deserve it
cheeziechi's avatar
It's very nice of you to have an activity like this. Thank you for sharing the art around.  And keep it up!!!! Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
no problem my friend ^_^ 
SiobeleeArt's avatar
Wow!! Thank you so much for the feature!!Hug Love 
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
no problem ^_^ I am happy to do it
heartlines-art's avatar
aww thanks thats a really cute thing to do :) i really appreciate the feature Heart La la la la 
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
^_^ Any time. I am happy that I came cross your work ^_^
heartlines-art's avatar
thats really sweet ^-^ keep up your nice spirit!
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
I will ^_^ thank you
Xeurum's avatar
Thanks for featured my octomaid. <3
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
she was gorgous and reminded me of a piece I once attempted to do but abandoned XD I think I will try to finish it now after running into your lady ^_^
xPASTEL-R0SE's avatar
Omg thanks so much ~
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
MesiBubu's avatar
So kind, thank you^~^ I am really grateful for this featuring! 
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
Yay! I am happy to help get your name out some more ^_^ 
mutatedeye's avatar
That is so kind of you <3
*a million hugs*
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
lol no problem ^^
junkome's avatar
Cool!Dance! Thanks forthe feature!
C0smic-Waffles's avatar
No problem you deserve it ^_^ 
AgniyaKabitova's avatar
Thank you very much!
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