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Shezilla takes a walk


My oldest OC is Shezilla. This is the first time I've drawn her the way she looks in my head. She's leaner and paler than Godzilla. She is more about speed and grace, but she is still very physically strong--don't underestimate her. There ARE muscles that come out when she's fighting. She can run and jump. She is SMART. She is also the only living creature on Earth who can smack Godzilla and get away with it. :giggle: But only when he deserves it. Otherwise she is a very faithful and loving mate.

Unlike Godzilla, she doesn't stomp and make a ton of noise when she enters a city. She's so quiet that she can "sneak" quite a ways in before the alarm sounds. Ironically more damage is done when the military pisses her off than if she's just left alone to feed off a nuclear plant. (But she IS more prone to run away if she's shot at enough. She doesn't like the noisy explosions or the maser tanks!)

Pink background because Shezilla is a girly girl of a kaiju. She will not admit that she burps or farts(but does both in her sleep, which cracks Godzilla up to NO end!), and if she understood and had access to nail polish, she'd paint her claws pink! =p

You can hear her roar here: [link] She has a high pitched overtone that carries over long distances. Godzilla would be able to hear her from fifty miles away!
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how many pictures do you have