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deadpool blasting

This is a deadpool I coloured because the line art was soo great by MiaCabrera :iconmiacabrera: so i just had to give it a shot. I am quite pleased with the outcome. I really hope you people like it. XD

here is the link to the pencil version: [link]

Programme used: PSCS3
colours: Viral Chhatralia (me) :iconc-weaponx:
Pencils: MiaCabrera :iconmiacabrera:
duration: ~3 hours
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"bang." ~ deadpool, 2014.
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Very good lighting. But then again, this is a good sketch in general. Reminds me of Ed's style for Deadpool.
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that looks pritty freaking awesome dude. personally, coloring is the thing i hate to do the most with deadpool, mostly cause i dont know how... but if i were to being doing a comic, i would try to convince you to color for me
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haha.. that is just a amazing compliment thanks but i'm not that good.
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sure it is, i wish I could color like that, that would be fantastic
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Fantastic coloring job on this :D
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Looks awesome man!
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Wow, this is great! You did really nicely with the shading.
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that looks very good colored :) what did you use to color it?
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photoshop CS3 and optical mouse
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cool. looks very nice.
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it's a good start dude.
Keep on pushing it and have fun w/ experimenting.

also observe natural lighting as often and closely as you can.
It'll help you better understand what light does to shape and all that jazz
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ohh yer and after my exams i'm gona go crazy with my own drawing and colours! XD
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thanks i sure will try but i have yet a long way to go. i think if i carry on i will be good enough one day as i am only 16.

and this picture i was confused with the lighting... it was hard to say where it came from, so i assumed it was from above him.
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nice job man, i guess he's mad at the ground cause he looks like he's shootin at it lol
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lol.. i think he has already killed who he wanted i think the smoke should suggest that. and btw i only coloured it.
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looks good. Keep it up
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