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Up Close Copy of A Young Scholar and His Tutor.... by c-vanek Up Close Copy of A Young Scholar and His Tutor.... :iconc-vanek:c-vanek 1 0 Upclose of Vermeer's The Wine Glass by c-vanek Upclose of Vermeer's The Wine Glass :iconc-vanek:c-vanek 3 2


Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 28
Chapter 28
The Vilhelm Case: Solved
"So where should I look on this landscape?" Haru asked touching the painted ceiling, while Baron held her up on his hand, as he stood on a ladder.
"Anything at all! Just keep searching!" Basil said from the other side of the room with irritation, while Hound held him up as well, while Basil touched the painted ceiling. "I know you're just trying to be helpful by asking Haru, but we still have no idea, and you repeating it is not helping."
Haru pouted angrily.
"I know that! But I was just asking because-!"
"Haru please, I can barely concentrate!" Basil gritted his teeth.
"Gosh Basil! I know this is stressful and we all haven't had much sleep since Belgium. Not to mention the fact that Ratigan and Clive could be somewhere nearby, but would it kill ya to be a bit nicer instead of a jerk?!" Haru resorted back.
Hound chuckled nervously. "Now, now you two. . ."
Baron who was slightly frowning at the mouse detective's behavior regarding Haru, peered
:iconsindysugar:sindysugar 14 11
Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 1
Chapter 1
The Rumor
Basil stared out in space as he sat at his chair with a dumfounded look on his face.
Dawson and Mrs. Judson just stared at him with worried expressions on their faces.
Basil has been like this for what seemed like hours, staring out into space with the look of shock and slight depression on his face, while Dawson and Mrs. Judson were trying to figure out what to say to Basil.
Finally Dawson spoke.
"Come now, Basil." Dawson said walking toward Basil and putting a hand on his shoulder.
"It's just a rumor..."
Basil looked up at Dawson with that miserable face he uses when he feels like all is lost.
"It may be a rumor, Dawson... but why is it coming out of the blue after all these years?" questioned Basil.
"Basil...there is simply no way he's still around because, wouldn't he have surfaced much sooner?" replied Dawson.
"Yes but... knowing Ratigan, he would have a very peculiar reason why he would come out of the blue all of a sudden." said Basil looking up at the bell,
:iconsindysugar:sindysugar 39 13
The Corporal and His Captain 7 (Levi X Reader)
   You clenched and unclenched your hands as the man only feet away from you grinned like a Cheshire cat. Ten years ago you would have hugged him or punched him in the gut, but now you wanted to kill him or run in the opposite direction.
    "(F/n),you sure have grown up into something beautiful." He commented with another step in your direction. You slit your eyes at him as Levi came to stand directly in front of you.
    "Who the fuck are you?" Levi demanded to know. The man's disinterested gaze looked down at Levi with clear distaste. "I said, Who. The. Fuck. Are. You?" Each word held enough venom to kill a horse.
    "I am (F/n)'s fiancé, of course." Levi's steely eyed gaze turned back to you as you glared at the man. Levi knew from your eyes that you had no intentions of being with this shithead.
    "That was years ago. I left." You spat in a cold tone. Everyone began to gather around and Erwin came to stand beside you.
:iconhalice042:Halice042 60 6
Emotions Challenge: Embarrassment [Levi]
There was a glint in your eye whenever Levi, never taking notice of your flushed cheeks, walked by—he was always too busy with keeping an uninterested demeanour to bother himself with glancing around, or paying attention to the events occurring closer to him than what was considered normal.
Truthfully, you were quite satisfied with your accomplishment over the past months. He still filled your thoughts, still made you weak on the knees whenever his dark eyes drifted to send you a bored glance. But the young woman who got all bothered with his mere presence—the same one who couldn’t form a coherent sentence if he was within a five-foot radius—was long gone. A shot of boldness had been injected in your veins some months ago, and so your attitude towards him had changed almost drastically. You had even dared approach him one day like any other, only to receive an annoyed “you’re in the way, brat.”
And your mouth had disconnected from your brain th
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 114 11
War Hammer by pcenero War Hammer :iconpcenero:pcenero 33 1 Cinderella 1997 by daekazu Cinderella 1997 :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,327 81
Calling Dibs [Librarian! Levi | Reader|Modern AU!]
I make my way to the entrance of the building and go up the stairs as fast as possible since I am pretty much aware I'll be late. Well, not that I can be late for a library, but around two years ago I set myself a schedule to follow and I am falling behind right now.
I quickly gulp down half the contents of the carton cup I'm clutching in my hold as I stop inbetween floors to take a breath. The hot liquid burns by tongue and I am sure it will leave it numb for the next few hours, but since I can't bring beverages or food in the library I have to drink it now or get it poured all over my head as I am being kicked out for the day.
I know better than to choose the latter.
And since today has already been bad enough I really don't want for it to become even worse by not letting me see my beloved librarian.
Yeah, you totally heard me, I've got the hots for the librarian of the local library.
I resume my sprint up the stairs and finally find myself i
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 70 16
Don't Scare Me Like That (Levi x Reader)
"(F/n)? You okay? You don't look so good." Eren asked, giving you a worried look.
"I'm fine, just tired." You lied. In truth, you hadn't been feeling well for a few days now. But you didn't want to make a fuss, so you dealt with it. You were all stood outside, about to start your 3DMG training, when the corporal walked over to you.
"Cadet (l/n)? Are you okay?" he asked.
"Yes sir. I'm fine." you replied.
Unconvinced, he walked back to the front of the group and carried on his explanation.
Some time later, he announced you could start, and that you could go straight to lunch when you were finished. Everyone zipped off into the forest.
You had always been good with the 3DMG, but today you were sluggish. Grateful that no one noticed, you lagged behind slightly. You didn't last long though. Your vision went hazy and the trees seemed to move and sway. One of them came flying towards you, but you couldnt change your direction quick enough. Smacking straight into the tree, the last thing you r
:iconfuzzythemonster:FuzzyTheMonster 110 7
Of Tulips And Money [Levi | Reader | Modern AU!]
"Why am I doing this again?" Levi rolled his eyes, blowing a small strand of his raven hair out of the way.
"For an experiment. Remember - it's for the cause." Hanji's eyes glimmered with determination and excitement, things ever so absent in Levi's own smoky hues.
"Whatever, I'm only doing it because you refused to turn in my books. I don't even know how you took them in the first place, but whatever." The raven looked down at himself and sighed loudly through his nose. "I look ridiculous."
"Come on, Levi! It's for the cause! I will be following you around with the camera in my cap all the time! You won't be alone!"
"As if that's a reassurance, shitty glasses." He snorted at Hanji's bright grin as she plopped said cap onto her head. Levi's grey hues walked over his dollar bill-covered suit and the countless bills of twenty dollars that were taped onto the fabric of the normally black suit. It was an understatement to say that the black was even a bit visible.
"Well, you have to accept
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 33 10
Romantic? More Like NO [Levi | Reader]
This is an official sequel of the "Fairy Tale NOT Like" one-shot because I guess a lot of people wanted to see what happens afterwards. So, it would make more sense if you read it firstly.
"Levi, I really am irritated right now."
Hearing her voice from the insides of the female cadets' showers just made him irritated as well. She may have been pretty, but screaming around could cause a problem for them both if someone just happened to hear.
It was way too eary for another headache for Levi. It was exactly 5:40 am and as we take the fact that he hadn't had more than two hours of sleep, a headache so early in the morning wouldn't be the best thing for his mental health.
"Yeah, as if I don't fucking know that already. I'm irritated, too." He was leaning on the wall just next to the door of the showers.
If he just leaned back slightly and popped h
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 34 7
Ghosts [Levi x Reader | Late Halloween Special]
"You all know this is a mistake, don't you?" You stood with your hands crossed in front of your squadmates, staring them down with a glare.
"Of course it's not. Lighten up, (Y/N)! If you continue frowning like that you'll be the second Corporal of our division in no time." Jean stated with a slight pat to your shoulder but that just made you scowl all the more.
Looking like Lance Corporal Levi more or less, you couldn't cope with the stupidity of the people you've ever so recklessly chosen for your friends.
"This isn't funny, Jean. It's forbid we go in there and I'm not going just because all of you shitheads want to get in trouble with the corporal." You stood glued to your place, trying to somehow change their mind, but the least you could do was not get yourself in troube while doing so.
"Come on, why don't you show him how brave you are by entering? We all know you fancy him." Jean smirked and you frowned with a snort, glaring at the horse boy.
"I do not. And by entering I'll just
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 23 8
Sweet Dreams [Tired! Levi x Depressed! Reader]
Levi did notice how tired you were recently. It was as if life was slowly draining away from you body and all that was left was a mere shell of the girl you used to be.
He hated seeing you that way.
How you would avoid meeting his gaze and almost immediately run off to follow his orders before he could even dismiss you properly.
How you would occassionally skip meals and how you'd exit your room only because of training, an emergency or when you couldn't sleep too well.
Levi himself was pretty sure that you couldn't sleep either way.
He noticed everything.
Your movements became slower and your answers were cut short with a raspy voice and a tired stoic face.
Your eyes stood droopy and lost their lively glimmer.
The dark circles under them grew with each passing day and your body became skinnier, even more fragile than before.
You wouldn't smile anymore and talked only when needed to.
You were no longer the same person.
That stupid thing drained the life out of you.
You were now a copy
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 51 4
A Chain Of Fate [Levi | Reader]
"Get the fuck up, (L/N). Dirt doesn't suit you even if you're a shit."
Your eyes snapped quickly to the raven haired corporal, your sparring parter all but helping you get up in this situation. You knew you were bad at hand-to-hand combat. But with giggling like a girl, the guy didn't fucking show that he was anywhere higher than the dirt he managed to put you in with brute force alone.
With a sigh, cheeks dusting over ever so weakly with pink due to your superior noticing your third-in-a-roll fail, you got up and dusted yourself, rubbing your sore bottom. You brought your hands in front of your chest in fists, trying to defend yourself - your parter giving you a nasty smirk before stricking for your side with a kick. You blocked and turned defence into attack, managing to catch him off guard with a single punch to the side of the face. 
When pride overwhelmed your insides for finally landing a proper blow on your opponent you lost focus on the
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 30 12
Captain by Sing-sei Captain :iconsing-sei:Sing-sei 773 44 Don't smoke, Levi! by Shiyou-chan Don't smoke, Levi! :iconshiyou-chan:Shiyou-chan 32 5 SnK- Pieck by Monicherrie SnK- Pieck :iconmonicherrie:Monicherrie 131 20



I have been sick for  2 weeks now, just because of an ear infection. Now I have been dealing with Lyme Disease as well for quite a long time, so I know that doesn't help matters. Imagine getting bronchitis and than getting the flu right as you are starting to get better, except I'm still not that over Lyme Disease (aka still dealing with chronic fatigue, chronic illness, chronic pain, epilepsy, insomina, muslce tightness,etc) and progress is waaayyy slower. That is what is going on. 

As a result I haven't drawn as much as I like or wish because I lack the energy. I am hoping to start drawing either tomorrow or Saturday. Either way I plan on Monday uploading a image I have drawn. Whether it will be copying a peice of art that exists, or drawing an object without looking at the paper, who knows. 


Hope everyone is having a good day and have a great weekend. 


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