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I'm back with a wonderfull news article
These photos are just AMAZING! --> Take a look

:thumb127090913: Never say Never by Healzo :thumb115389206: :thumb127429987: :thumb124457584: Ace of Clubs by DominikKucera Future New Life... by Wimley :thumb127417891: :thumb124778158: q u e e n by iustyn epidermic by zora-iuga me and mr. jones by pushake la dame de coeur by purple-rx dream by lunariya Lanterns by sourcow Lanterns by sourcow :thumb124346075: you're a color in my eyes by theluckynine :thumb127639093: :thumb123436504: :thumb125249526: :thumb85113639: :thumb126332268: :thumb118325960: butterfly effect by magentaseaside :thumb127757139: Thoughts by Julie-de-Waroquier Like an angel by GnAkK alice.......... by yTANGOREN Wild is the Wind by CameraDude Hey U Little Fox by kosmodisk Bookworm Story Vol.2 by soulofautumn87 Oh Em Gee by Madelevieve :thumb121625861: :thumb120640365: dandelion girl by AlicjaRodzik :thumb85383528: :thumb127625211: :thumb96369042: :thumb117675455: :thumb127876164: Love for Coffee by dareme :thumb127349214: dreaming of a new teddy-bear by belko :thumb125351715: :thumb124845571: :thumb125875344: :thumb127553837: Natalie Wild style by DreamCatCheuse Mothers never Let Go by herzlichtprod :thumb124877015: Mr. Guinness loves carrots by ByLaauraa Nature beauty . . . by light-from-Emirates luscious rapture by theclarabellafaire Anecdote. by deadstarx :thumb124601183: All your dreams are made by iTaylie look. by MyColdOctomber :thumb126264350: behind blue eyes by callmeA :thumb126007163: Limicious by notoca june by theluckynine Dark Rain by McKenzie-James :thumb128164216: Everlasting friend by april182 p u r e by nowaryesblack blue.. by topinka The Big Sleep by kosmodisk Cleaning Day by McKenzie-James Hearts turn black and white by iNeedChemicalX The Traveller by Healzo phi IX by foart :thumb126932775: child by fabiii :thumb125764201: game by Guldehen Lullaby by Kleemass tropical by theluckynine sat on a star by baspunk Untitled_064 by paintspills rain drops keep falling by taliajazel 614 by lenagnl 608 by lenagnl Shooting star by april182 Poppies by CasheeFoo :thumb128365796: Soon U'll Go by kosmodisk wonky by AlicjaRodzik Wayside Finds 068 by Frank-Beer :thumb125787593: r e d i a l by nowaryesblack my favorite colour by greenxin Butterflies by CasheeFoo Beach Treasures III by Corrineak No.Girls_Aloud by JeanFan twist and turn by purple-rx :thumb128036727: Downtown Streetlight by hesitation :thumb125648345: :thumb123778071: ola-la_ by frida-vl :thumb98539156: :thumb101007536: spoon by P0RG Dock for birds by BobRock99 i met you - instrumental - by devllaa :thumb124755456: ____.____ by estellamestella .Diamonds Are Forever... by onixa I love spring by AlicjaRodzik Heart drop by sourcow naughty by mohdfikree kung fu kitten by mohdfikree we did our jobs by brad-macd How it Feels to Love by PhilippeGaravel Flight by arhcamt life by privatedanser are you there ? by nowaryesblack :thumb55149993: :thumb50562140: heart is like an open highway by Inutilll One Way by LimpidD 3 sekawan by vinnoo What you Looking at? by CZOart Movement by ModestManiac Daily Bokeh by CasheeFoo xxx by 6Artificial6 Happy Birthday Katarzyna by David-A-Wagner :thumb129731644: Cherry waves by april182 Read Their Mind by Hantenshi Gasp by glitterscene go forth levi's by johnberd Magic solitude by AidaBabayeva seaside sally by martybell :thumb128256983: :thumb108849088: Pink bunny by soriina Spring patchwork by jup3nep :thumb126293289: singing in the rain.. by serhatdemiroglu :thumb94724325: 656 by lenagnl Exhilaration by djailledie More Than This by MartinStranka eyes wide terrified by xMissTake Miss Red by makemecrazy breath by estellamestella c u r i o u s i t y by bailey--elizabeth droplet . . .. by light-from-Emirates The Path by acukur Da by frida-vl My Cup O' Tea by pinkparis1233 The Time Has Come by Teeslpscreations blackandblue by jenny-fur-tography In the sphere by Juchise Closeup by AnitaSadowska lui e lei by Linlith :thumb129004954: :thumb98858853: i see red by xMissTake dark moves of love by xMissTake :: N E O N :: by uu-crengutza-uu :thumb129337485: underneath it all by marissamcpeak Focus. by Janlover Feel The Night by JoeJ poppy. by simoendli :thumb101357988: :thumb126544434: Stay Strong by Healzo :thumb112116387: the 1st of May by armene Data Drop by ironmanbr :thumb130219321: :thumb43150468: :thumb130135484: :thumb130192228: Let's keep silent by bitterev This will make you love again by april182 When I Look Into Your Eyes by soulofautumn87 Long nights allow me to feel. by CarolineZenker Talkie-Walkie by fogke X by fogke :thumb126144540: Into the nightstreet by fogke :thumb130990854: Sun Flower by dark3y3s elixir by prismes Teh Jo by Olivedrab Every Once In A While by paperaeroplanes Steampunk Borosilicate Ring by TheWizardsVault Papaver glaucum by demony :thumb82328890: :thumb107358614: happy by AlicjaRodzik j u m p . by CasheeFoo Drowning the old hag by theclarabellafaire the beauty secret . . .. by light-from-Emirates Life can be so colorful by dansch coffee splash by girlmarvel Cookies For Breakfast. by Blutr0t :thumb125449641: of the Night: A Dream of You by zemotion Sisters by Callu her butterfly summer. by gloeckchen knees by LazloHollyfeld :thumb118628457: :thumb130930642: i love summer. by LenaCramer see me by Childish-Hatred loving hands by VaggelisFragiadakis Bridge by MarinaCoric Chronos by MeisterDesZirkuss :thumb106469225: Reluctant by loojeen :thumb125777088: insensibility by estellamestella Fleeting hopes by NonIntentonal Color Me by Noirele :thumb134718635: drama queen by xMissTake :thumb134214170: :thumb133229062: :thumb132957893: :thumb130970880: :thumb129234117: special k. by indiae :thumb127442869: Key to my heart by april182 This Old Guitar by venicequeenf :thumb52818992: Morning Routine by venicequeenf Revitalize by thetopcrusader .:........ ardIndan:. by neslihans :thumb119376977: :thumb111676447: the hours III by AlicjaRodzik Pensive by iNeedChemicalX tea? by magentaseaside The power of weakness 2 by Ultradevious Hello, it's Ultra. by Ultradevious :thumb118635536: Hearts by Sortvind Cookie by Juchise viltingai. by BloodyFeet Short Story About... by Furrrka puppy eyes by ciuky Butterfly touch by stardixa mldy 72 by metindemiralay Today will be a good day by kim-ber-ly :thumb121962746: :thumb118522458: The world through my eyes by ByLaauraa a song before you go. by misfitdoll23 mountain sight by bymos
Flowers 2 by MR-PIOPIO :thumb124643555: :thumb126825812: forget by play-my-game sabah by Nemisia Detal. by mariae 172 by hauntedhome :thumb97841539: :thumb84070254: the Art of the Chocolatier by DefyingInfinity Hopewalls by iNeedChemicalX Cabarita beach by gorkath The Portrait by onixa she sleeps with butterflies. by tori-f with me by HIDR0GENLANY Focus... by EternityRaven playground by baspunk there's rain in my tea by taliajazel In flames II by Joanine graceinNY by grace-note :thumb128286636: After the Rain II by seraphRo :thumb129203727: Sugar bites by Fatooome :thumb126160936: Inna. II by zemotion book hunter by devllaa Night portrait by eweart Chlopiec w pociagu by ladyang :thumb102111694: Maldives - Sunrise by hazmee Summer Feelings II by Alinschki One shadow in a fog valley by WissenWasWird Happy Birthday Vicki by David-A-Wagner In a different light by mongobredboy :thumb93150542: :thumb127664414: :thumb124079158: :thumb86796003: :thumb101488557: :thumb128360889: :thumb129823138: :thumb104489338: :thumb129194147: :thumb118532923: :thumb105060142: :thumb114978955: :thumb130107195: :thumb129443309: :thumb106286069: :thumb128957756: :thumb74225278: :thumb128986758: :thumb125213385: :thumb129280695: :thumb77785655: :thumb85935876: :thumb130280505: :thumb130384339: :thumb130359737: :thumb75738650: :thumb113778783: :thumb108894332: :thumb123010585: :thumb113867260: :thumb127442976: :thumb126781216: :thumb126345703: :thumb121276890: :thumb88027343: :thumb101281293: :thumb135362652: :thumb131334547: :thumb63828219: :thumb51036647: :thumb131952397: :thumb118494383: :thumb123128923: :thumb129194665: :thumb135724728: :thumb47656602: :thumb134410564:
:thumb121441553: :thumb127520805: :thumb126355040: :thumb126218526: :thumb126469899: :thumb128128623: :thumb127873352: :thumb118733046: :thumb128246256: :thumb129189609: :thumb128328140: :thumb128766442: :thumb103014112: :thumb117316987: :thumb107309720: :thumb124039055: :thumb121432735: :thumb117276647: :thumb89537251: :thumb127057131: :thumb129821826: :thumb128506012: :thumb110481345: :thumb120105625: :thumb74746513: :thumb127892457: :thumb122483582: :thumb119882924: :thumb88740467: :thumb129444573: :thumb129823441: :thumb107229837: :thumb112376853: :thumb129336890: :thumb118368594: :thumb128956590: :thumb122303267: :thumb100644329: :thumb129314370: :thumb105676601: :thumb130690380: :thumb62737903: :thumb127189169: :thumb131249845: :thumb115290199: :thumb90249933: :thumb101447136: :thumb127442869: :thumb73872796: :thumb66953597: :thumb118319389: :thumb126235588: :thumb131650200: :thumb132795261: :thumb85282605: :thumb135656896: :thumb133221907:  

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Thank you so much for the feature :hug:
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Just LOVE it!!! :heart:
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wow, lovely bunch of pictures! :)
Quite a few favorites have been added to my list. haha. :D
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Great, great pieces of art! I faved so many of them... :aww:
Very nice collection! :clap:
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wow this photos are beyond amazing! :omfg:
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wow wow !
really amazing feature :love: .. i like a lot from pictures here :heart: !
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amazing collection ! :)
thanks a lot... :rose:
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:) thx for featuring me. :) honored to be here.
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This is so beautiful! Thank you very much for feature and sorry for the late response :]
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these are AMAZING! =)
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thanks a lot, :hug: :heart:
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Wow really great collection!!!
Thanks for including also one of my pieces =)
I really appreciate this and I´m honored :hug:
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wow thank you so much!
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