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The Sundarbans

She smiles as Rajiv pouces her, grinning from ear to ear. "That's how I got him!" he says, retelling the tale of an enormous snake he's met earlier this day – once a majestic cobra, once a slinking python.

[Progress GIF]

This is actually old. As in, dirt-old. It was done before last EF, but I haven't posted it, because I hated it for a really long time after it was finished. Quite frankly, I still hate myself for doing it. But one day, I accidentally opened the progress PSD with this and just... fiddled with it for no particular reason until I thought it looked decent. I still don't particularly like it, but at least it's halfway presentable now.

Note that the old one was atrociously green. If you happen to know who bought the original at the EF art show (stupid me lost the invoice), please, let me know, or let them know, or... just give me a way to contact this person, I need to make them a reprint.

As a sidenote, I've been reading a lot on Indian history, mostly 1700s and 1800s, during the past few months. That *may* rear its ugly head somewhere...
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 This is a very cute and great drawing! it has such tons of details: fur, clothings, bakcground, cool shadings. Not to mention the poses of the characters were well-made and very creadible as felines.

 Kee up the great work!.
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This needs to be a Daily Deviation, so awesome
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Thankfully my last DD was less than 6 months ago, so this one hopefully won't get it.
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I just love it! <3
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Damn that's good! It's so detailed and she looks so majestic! Good job!
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At least the kid is cute, and the mom's facial expression is actually perfect.
uniccin's avatar
Wow, love the fur and the colors are beautiful!
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I would love to see more Indian inspired art!
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I'm glad to hear it. I frankly would love to do more, but I'm always rather awkward about delving into cultural art, in both illustration and scriptwriting. Be it Indian, African, Native American, Oceanic or even Old Slavic (which technically is my own heritage), I always feel slightly inappropriate, as if I'm playing with toys that are not mine and toys I barely understand. And the last thing I'd want to do is disrespect hundreds of years of someone's history just because I borrowed motives and tools without having the necessary knowledge. So as much as I love to explore and learn about different cultures, it also feels to me like I'm walking on eggshels when I do that.
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woww.... super nice
D-J-A-Y's avatar
This is fantastic Judy - Icon 
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Interesting i love it
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Woah, I love this! :D
InspireliriumArchive's avatar
WOW.. This is just AWESOME. 
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