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Fliped Smash Bros.

By C-Studios
A tribute to my friends and admired users in Flipnote Hatena and the hatena, itself! For those who don't know, this is based on the 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' box front cover.

List of Mascots...

-Chris Firewalker (Me)
-Hugle Dude
-Zobol (in the title!)
-Random Guy
-Three D
-Raving Boy
-Norway Dude

For those of you who are friends of me in the hatena who aren't anywhere to be seen, I feel sorry for you. (I could always put you in the back-cover!)

The whole thing is only coloured in certain colours that can only be used in Flipnote Studio (...even IF i've used more than 2 colours at once!), because it's a flipnote tradition.
I'm considering a full coloured version.

I tried to add shine to some of the characters' white eyes, and it wasn't too shabby.

Random idea: What if this was a web-game?

All Characters belong to their respective owners in Deviant Art and Flipnote Hatena (Join now!)

Chris Firewalker (c) C Studios
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© 2011 - 2021 C-Studios
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Crystal-hedgehog's avatar
this is awesome!, i was on flipnote, it got boring, [link]
Ajsteranimations's avatar
*Epic Face* Epic stuff c, once again! ^_^
MdMbunny's avatar
nice drawing here =ID
DomeyJack's avatar
:iconlaplz: EPIC!!!!! :iconlaplz:
You drew Domey very well! :D
and lol, I like what you did with the characters on the box art (Chris-Link MdM-Pokemon Trainer Three D- Pit Hugeldude- Mario etc)
Carl-Norwaydude's avatar
Holy apple!!! That's so crazy amazingly awzum!!!
Ddd313's avatar
Wow!! :omg:

Awesome!!!!!!! :la:
FettFlipRaving's avatar
Oh mah gosheh... this is EPIC :D

It would be AWSOME if this was a Web game on newgrounds... would you liek to join mah flips? :B
If you would... just reply me on My Dev.Art site or Flipnote Hatena...

From: Raving Boy
C-Studios's avatar
Hmm! Deviant or Hatena...I'm spoilt for choice! I think i'll say yes on the Hatena since I
i'm here. But what exactly do you mean? Haven't I already starred in a few of your flipnotes? (Referring to the 'REMIX' flipnote)
RandomGuyFlip's avatar
Orrite, I just noticed the Polar Star gun :iconquoteplz: Cave story for the win >w<
RandomGuyFlip's avatar
Random Guy's hair, next gen! :iconsonicohnoesplz:
CN33's avatar
this good sir is epic win :iconisayplz:
reaperjrJLD's avatar
awesome, dude, just plain awesome, liking ur iders (u no, the blob as the pokeball, the zobol as the O, genius!) :D
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