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Prince Fluff by C-Studios Prince Fluff :iconc-studios:C-Studios 26 3 Married under the Sea by C-Studios Married under the Sea :iconc-studios:C-Studios 42 15
Living with a Mermaid (Redone)
The young boy was thrown off board the boat by his mother in the heat of their dire situation.
With a splash, the boy hit through the water. It was a good thing that he was just wearing his orange swimming trunks, the size and shape of shorts. He then swam upwards as quickly as he could, and gasped for air as his head broke through the surface.
Don’t worry, he thought. Your mum will escape the boat and come for you, he thought. But just when he thought things could not get much worse, he turned around....and became horrified.
The giant sea monster that had been attacking them had brought the entire motorboat over its huge gaping mouth with its tentacles. They then let go, and the boat fell into the mouth, with the extremely fearful scream of a woman coming from it. ....The boy’s mother.
With a huge crunch, the jaws of the monster’s mouth slammed shut on the boat, crushing it with ease.
“MUUUUUUUUUUM!!!!” the boy cried out in disbelief, trying to keep himse
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Taken by Water - The Family of Merdevoir
Something stirred in the sea as sunbeams kept breaking through the surface of the water.
A green and white mermaid of sorts swam just above the lush, grassy seabed. This unusual female Pokemon was partly a Gardevoir. The major differences was that she had longer, wavy hair, her arms were bare white, her eye-pupils were cyan, instead of red, she had a red, dorsal fin on her back, where part of her rounded horn would be and, ofcourse, the usual Gardevoir dress and legs were replaced with glimmering white fish tail. The fin on the end still looked a bit like the dress, though.
To conclude her appearance, she was a Merdevoir. And this ocean-dwelling Psychic Pokemon was hoping to have a smooth day.
She kept propelling herself above the field of submerged grass at a calm speed, smiling and closing her aqua-blue pupil eyes without a care in the world. When she opened them again, she noticed a school of Finneon swimming together, several meters away.
“Perfect.” Merdevoir said to he
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All cross-over systems GO!
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I’ve been drawing good stuff since I was about five years old (curse you, memory-fog.) and the more I grew up, the more my drawings grew along with me.

I was looking at DeviantArt for more than a year, mainly fascinated by pictures based on video-games, until I finally decided to join.

Other than just plain drawing, my hobbies involve playing on Nintendo consoles, being a comedian, creativity, music mixing and piano/keyboard playing. I hope to show-off those last two, someday.

I’m mostly friends with people who are at the same sense of popularity on DA as me, and have at least one of the same interests.

Forgive me, I'm not always quite careful of what I say. Those accidents might occur when I'm trying to be funny, reasonable or sarcastic.

Now, about what kind of stuff I work on.

The first arts that I showed off in my gallery in my early DA days were based on me and my friends from Flipnote Studio, a popular Nintendo DSi application where you could make little animations the easy way. Times in the Hatena got worse though, and I’ve moved on from that to here.

I’m partly known on this website for my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon themed couple, Charmy the Charmander and Saphire the Vaporeon. Aren’t they cute?

I draw a lot of ORIGINAL characters and stuff, too. Chris Firewalker being one of them. I really like it when my originals receive good feedback.

I'm big on mermaids. And my original world of Living with a Mermaid is gaining great attention. Look up the story and art, when you can.

But the biggest thing that I am currently is SUPER SMASH BROS. FELLOWSHIP, a comic involving Nintendo characters and elements, as well as a few 3rd-party franchises like Rayman and Sonic the Hedgehog. The entire story that I’ve planned out for about 1000 pages is, and will be, ground-breaking. Keep in mind though, the comic usually produced is in slow-mo-de, so you’ll need a great deal of patience to enjoy it.

I do not accept requests. I’ve already got a lot in my hands already.

Still, feel free to enjoy my arts!

Chris of C-Studios has spoken.

Current Residence: Oxfordshire, England
Favourite genre of music: Orchestral
Personal Quote: Owner of C Studios has spoken.

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