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Inktober 2016

Inktober 2016 - 31 days, 31 drawings - I found this quite challenging drawing a picture every day! Not something I usually do! =D You can see the individual images on my Instagram:

Day 1 - 'Fast' - ...well the Flash is pretty fast wouldn't you say...

Day 2 - 'Noisy' - After much thought it had to be Animal from the Muppets. Got to love that crazy drummer! Still think it was awesome both Buddy Rich's and Dave Grohl's drumming battles against Animal. =D

Day 3 - 'Collect' - My mind went to Pokemon but that's too easy so I went with the closest I'm going to get to adding the Black Lotus, Magic: The Gathering card to my collection!

Day 4 - 'Hungry' - ...well this was the first thing to pop into my strange mind. Aqua Teen Hunger Force! Such a surreal television series...

Day 5 - 'Sad' - It's been over 8 years since we lost Michael Turner but it still makes me feel sad. Michael was an amazing artist and an inspiration to a lot of people out there. He will always be one of my favourite comic book artists and I could browse his artwork for hours. Gone but definitely not forgotten...

Day 6 - 'Hidden' - Today Harry Potter and chums attempt to hide from a dreaded Dementor with Harry's invisibility cloak...obviously it wouldn't actually work as the Dementor would sense them anyway! Ah well the idea was there! Avoid it's Kiss or your soul will be consumed!

Day 7 - 'Lost' - A bit late (I was distracted by an Xbox) and a major scribble later with very little ink on paper, my drawing today is of the Headless Horseman from American folklore, in particular The Legend of Sleepy Hollow...well we all know what he lost!

Day 8 - 'Rock' - I went with Thing from the Fantastic Four. I guess it was loosely based on the reboot version...oh no he has no pants!! 

Day 9 - 'Broken' - Here is the statue of Orcus, a god of the Underworld, punisher of broken oaths in Italic and Roman mythology. The Orcus mouth lies in the Gardens of Bomarzo in Italy.

Day 10 - 'Jump' - Welcome to the City of Glass from Mirror's Edge Catalyst 😄 Can't beat some parkour and freerunning...even if it's only a video real life parkour is unimpressive. 😂

Day 11 - 'Transport' - Feel like a trip through the Stargate? 😄😁 long as the Goa'uld aren't on the other side!!! 😱😲😱.

Day 12 - 'Worried' - I would have liked something from the collection of books but I didn't have enough time to find what I wanted, so instead I picked the film I, Robot when Sonny believes he is going to his death..."Will it hurt?"

Day 13 - 'Scared' - Many people know of Silent Hill & Resident Evil but I wanted to throw some attention on a couple of games which I'm not too proud to admit freaked me out. The first is Alma from the original F.E.A.R game...hated going up ladders in case she was there! 😱😱😱 The second is the Mannequin section from the original Condemned game, Criminal Origins. Everytime you turn around there were more...and closer...just standing there...creepy...and with the're just waiting for them to do something...😱😱😱 anyone who has played it will know what I mean. 😜.

Day 14 - 'Tree' - I was thinking about the Faraway Tree created by Enid Blyton, many hours reading and rereading the collection of books when I was younger. But I decided to go for what I used to call the old man tree 😂. From Ocarina of Time the Great Deku Tree needs Link's help to break him free of Ganondorf's curse! 😲😲. *Update* He is now known as Magnum PI-ne due to how much he looks like Tom Selleck! =D=D

Day 15 - Relax... ;)

Day 16 - 'Wet' - This is a super speedy scribble in comparison to my usual time spent drawing...and there is actually no ink in sight 😲...quite challenging for me to draw a picture a day! Meet Rubi Malone from the video game Wet. Yes the game had flaws but I had fun tumbling around shooting and slashing the enemies in a Tarantino fashion. 😁😁.

Day 17 - 'Battle' - Another scribble today but least I got some ink down on the paper! There are so many battles to choose from I decided to go instead for Battlestar Galactica 😁 in particular the Cylon models from both the original 70's series and the reboot in the 2000's 😄.

Day 18 - 'Escape' -  I was going to draw the motorcycle jump from The Great Escape but I was too drawn to Kurt Russell and his eyepatch 😂. So here we have a take on the theatrical release poster of Escape From New York with the original Snake 😄.

Day 19 - 'Flight' - He didn't actually fly close enough for the feathers to burn...just the wax to melt...but I got carried away 😁. In Greek mythology Icarus flew too close to the sun and fell to his death in the sea... 😶... His father Daedalus warned not to fly too low, lest his wings touch the waves and get wet, and not too high lest the sun melt the wax... 😶.

Day 20 - 'Squeeze' - From the First Edition of Grimm's Kinder- und Hausmärchen the stepsisters of Aschenputtel (Cinderella) took fitting into the slipper to a whole new level 😲....Heel or toe?! 😲.

Day 21 - 'Big' - well I had to choose the film and that wonderful piano scene! 😄😄😄.

Day 22 - 'Little' - "Geronimo!" "Let's go!" In the 90's Lemmings and Lemmings 2:The Tribes sucked hours of my life away! 😆. "Oh no!" 😁😁😁 Today's drawing is a selection of Lemmings using their different skills 😊.

Day 23 - 'Slow' - The British heavy tank Mark 1 was the first tank to enter combat in the First World War. Dubbed "Mother" due to the subsequent models, it's initial release had wheels at the rear to aid steering...that part of the design was soon dropped! 😆.

Day 24 - 'One Dozen' - I chose another classic film with the original "suicide squad" The Dirty Dozen! 😄😆. I've never read the book but enjoyed the film, so today's drawing is a take on the theatrical release poster by Frank McCarthy 😊.

Day 25 - 'Tired' - Just a pencil scribble for this one 😆. Don't fall asleep...!

Day 26 - 'Box' - Due to a mistranslation into Latin from Greek in the 16th century, Pandora's Box that we all know of wasn't actually a box but a jar! In Greek mythology Pandora was given a 'pithos' which is a large storage jar. One of her god given gifts, curiousity, led Pandora to open the "box" she was given, as Zeus knew she would, thus unleashing all the ills onto mankind...😲.

Day 27 - 'Creepy' - This one's an old favourite, had it recorded on a VHS tape and it's one of the films that I played over and over as a child. A classic from 1946, 'The Beast With Five Fingers' is one of the earliest films I can think of to have a severed hand acting on it's own accord. Peter Lorre as Hilary was great and really made the film in my opinion 😊...I have attempted not so successfully to draw him in the image 😆😂.

Day 28 - 'Burn' - After he is murdered in a blazing fire, Al Simmons gets sent to hell due to his previous line of work and makes a deal with the devil to become a Hellspawn in return for seeing his wife one last time. Al is reborn as the demon Spawn from the 8th level of Hell. Always loved the comics so here is Todd McFarlane's Spawn referenced from Issue 7. 😄.

Day 29 - 'Surprise' - Almost drew Darth Vader but went with three other films that I rather enjoyed the twists to the stories and the films themselves...poor Gwyneth 😞.
The Usual Suspects (1995)
Se7en (1995)
Psycho (1960)
If you haven't seen them, go watch them now! 😁

Day 30 - 'Wreck' - I went with something from long ago and something more modern 😊.
.In Greek mythology Sirens were depicted as a combination of woman and bird. I have drawn a slightly later version of a Siren, in early Greek art they began as pretty much all bird with just a woman's head. Either way they were known to be dangerous creatures luring sailors to their demise with their sweet but sad song! 😲🙉🙉🙉.
Then as I ran out of time, Wreck-It Ralph had to be drawn super speedy...10 minutes speedy! 😂😆.

Day 31 - 'Friend' - Team Fortress 2 has been one of the many multiplayer and co-op games I've played with my friends over the years 😄. Valve know how to make a great game! Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Portal to name a few! 😄😄.
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