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chibi ROMDOS and FreeDOS-tan

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This is an original drawing by me commemorating the [rather belated] 2nd-year anniversary of C-chan's Preconcept Chibi series. It features C-chan's proposed design for FreeDOS-tan, as well as his original design for ROMDOS-tan, both of whom only previously appeared as brief cameos in one of his collaborative pieces. C-chan originally intended to draw the pair soon after he drew DRDOS-tan and QDOS-tan and even created a napkin sketch for the concept -- however, he discontinued the series before the image materialized. In finishing this for him, I feel i gave that series a proper closure. ^^

An attempt was made to mirror his earlier style -- however, my own obsession with detail probably ended up bleeding through more often than not. And although it was quite painful to do so, I opted NOT to use the background image as the light source, given that I want to have the option of consolidating ALL the chibi DOS-tans on the table. The background image, by the way, was inspired by a favorite planetary wallpaper of mine -- and although the majority of the content is composed of standard vector paths, the sun had to employ blurring effects to achieve the desired level of photorealism.

As for the characters themselves:

ROMDOS-tan is a small,spunky embedded OS-tan with the ability to control any electronic or mechanical device within a given distance. Though the second shortest and certainly one of the youngest DOS-tans, she is the most physically-capable fighter among all her sisters and is sufficiently courageous and aggressive enough to take on more powerful opponents. Much to the chagrin of her sisters, this means she often picks fights with stronger embedded OS-tans, such as TRON-tan, eCOS-tan, QNX-tan and more than a handful of Linuxen. But despite her gift for machine operation, she's actually very clueless when they break down, and relies on QDOS-tan and PTSDOS-tan to save her from whatever bind she's in when this happens. ^__^'

FreeDOS-tan is the only truly Free and Open Source DOS-tan among her sisters. Gentle, mild-mannered and sweeter than most of the world's nectars combined, she's often mistaken for a shy, mousy and weak individual that's simply begging for calamities to befall her. But behind her charming and tender exterior lies a genius wielder of Open Sourcery.. Few if any have seen her wield it, although all who know her suspect she does so in her cooking, given she can take any ingredient (no matter how stale or spoiled) and turn it into an imperial banquet. Too often they see her emerging from an explosive firefight, unscathed, beaming a gentle smile, and continuing a conversation as if nothing had happened. And almost everyone, other than her sisters or the vintage-tans she interacts with regularly, find this very very terrifying. `v'
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Don't know why that reminds me of something out of Braveheart. ^^'

Glad she has a fan! ^^b
She also appears in the Zerosanity XMAS Special as well, in case you're interested. -v-
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Just downloaded her but I haven't got a chance to use her yet. I'll have to back through it, I think I remember :smoking:
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FreeDOS looks so cute. <3
I haw always wondered how she would look like if she was an OS-tan, x3 now i finally know. :3

Anyway looks epic, instant :+fav: <3
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you! ^__^
Poor little ROM-chan's feeling a little jealous though,... I'll just tell her you said she looks cute too, pat her on the head, and send her off on her merry way. ^.^
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*pats ROM-chan on her head* you look cute to. <3 *huggles her*
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".. es mas, que coincidencia que menciono usando FreeDOS ya que acabo de dibujar un chibi de FreeDOS-tan! Ay cuando lo vea, espero mucho que le guste. ^___^"

Y lo hiciste! Ambas OS-tan se ven increíbles, mas que nada me gustaría resaltar lo bien logrado que te quedo el fondo, muy a tono y aprovechando todas las opciones que Inkscape podría dar!

Por cierto, siempre me fijo en los detalles, el detalle de ROMDOS-tan y el circuito tiene su toque original ;)
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Quiubole Raveenz!
Le agradezco muchísimo sus palabras! Quisiera poder tener un poquito mas tiempo para agradecerlo formalmente, pero debido a la temporada el tiempo se me hace escaso. ^^;

Lo que si, el fondo lo hice muy al trancazo -- entonces aunque posiblemente la luz del sol impresiona, el planeta obviamente luce como si se hubiera hecho en 10 minutos (como lo fue). ^.^;

En cambio, el fondo de nuestra chica "Genérica" es mil veces mas bien hecha. ^__^
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Sugoi! @@

This image is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, the best chibi set I've seen from you, and that's a tough thing to say cause they're all awesome. ROMDOS-tan is strangely kinda hawt, at least for a DOS-tan... :XD:

...And FreeDOS-tan is uniquely adorable. The background is incredible, as well.

I'll have to expound later, though. ^^
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
*sees obsessed emoticon and chuckles* ^.^

Thank you Bella! ^.^
Course,... it's because of the background and other details that I didn't work on OpenBSD-tan, but I hope you the perceived level of sugoiness compensated for BSD deficiency. ^__^'

BTW,... technically-speaking, this is my first chibi set. Unless you count all those remasters, although there not really mine... *nudge nudge wink wink* ^__~

Thats a very... unique... description of ROM-chan. ^^;
She is sorta kinda a little girl (I think 117cm was the proposed height back in the day), but I definitely see what you mean. I did go to great lengths to try to design the coolest school uniform possible, now that a regular seifuku would just slow her down.

Notice how all OS-tans who are uber fast and agile (eComstation, eCOS, ROM-DOS, etc) seem to converge when it comes to lightweight attire.... ^.^

If not for the massive WHALE on her head, I'm sure Free-chan could pass for a ME-tan clone.... if you squint REAL hard, tilt your head to a particular angle, and maybe chug down about three liter bottles of Hennessy. -.-;
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwww! Both of them are soooooo adorable!!

I was also hoping that you would get to drawing finalized designs for them because they had only gotten cameo appearances in a comic 1 year ago (and even then they were not in their standard outfits) and had not been seen again before C-Chan left OSC.

ROM DOS-tan looks very cute and feisty! Plus she has a very unique and awesome hairstyle and monocle! Her ability to control electronics is really cool but... How does she fare in those face-offs against TRON-tan, eCOS-tan and QNX-tan? 0__0

Free DOS-tan is very friendly-looking and I dare say, she is so sweet that it is scary! :D
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you very mucho, Katt-chan! ^-^

I'm so glad I was able to realize your hopes. As for me, I'm just happy that I can finally talk about "me" rather than "C-chan" in these comments. The only other C-quel work I posted was a Scrap. ^^'

"Feisty" is actually the word I was looking for when describing ROMDOS-chan -- indeed, it suits her personality to the "T". ^__^

The hair, as you pointed out, consists of quadruple pigtails and one long ponytail, held together with four metal clips each with perforations to attach stuff to them (in this case, a little flashlight). The monocle was originally in place -- but as that obstructed her cute little face a bit, I opted to show the monocle retracted instead. It actually worked in more ways than one -- if you check out the full version, you might be able to read the small easter egg displayed on the monocle's HUD. ^.^

And of course those face-offs end rather badly. ^__^'

She has speed and endurance, but not much strength so all she can really do when faced against eCOS-tan is run. She's not very smart, so QNX-tan chews her up strategically.

One advantage she has against TRON-sama is that she can control ANY mechanical device, whereas TRON-sama can only control HER devices. But unlike ROMDOS-chan who can only control a single device a the same time, TRON-sama can simultaneously control over 100. So yeah.... that goes very badly very quickly. ^^;

For FreeDOS-chan, it doesn't help tha she always wears that silly whale hat. I mean.... look at it! Scariest thing if I ever saw one. Fufufu! ^.^

I took a page from Bella and opted to downturn her horns (much like she downturned Plan9-sama's ears) in order to streamline her appearance. I think that makes her look even more doe-eyed than before. ^^

Surprised you didn't ask about the pineapple. Aside from an injoke for my brother, it also came about... cause... I just felt like eating pineapple. And what a coincidence that I would crave that just when I was drawing the best gourmet chef ever. ^^

Incidentally, it might come as a shock... but she's phenomenal friends with Amiga-san... *GASP* ^________^
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow... I knew those would be tough battles against her rivals but I didn't think they'd be that one-sided! 0__0

I should have asked about the pineapple but thought it was just completely random or because Free DOS-tan is a great cook.

And I am COMPLETELY surprised that she is such great friends with Amiga-sama!-- nah, when I first read FreeDOS-tan's description I thought right away "hey... She and Amiga-sama would make great friends!" :D

I forgot about to comment on the background the first time but it looks fantastic and so sci fi-ish! The placement and usage of those weird random shapes is very effective too and I'm curious how you made those!
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
In fairness to ROM-chan, she DOES put up a good fight against normal OS-tans. But she doesn't pick fights with them either, since she's always going on about "challenging" herself. ^___^'

And once in a while she does get lucky. ^.^

Thank you, btw, about the background. ^___^

The random texture shapes on the planet were done using the same technique as the forest during the final panel of C-chan's Dango storyboards for the Zerosanity XMAS Special.

Basically you:

- Take a Star shape
- Add about 20 or so points
- Add a rounding value of 1.0000 value.
- Randomize to a 1.0000 value
- Resize, rotate, stretch and skew till it becomes more compact and organic.
- Reduce the transparency to 30%
- Position in a corner of the image where you want to start texturizing.
- CTRL+D like mad to get the weird shapes pasted all over -- make sure to overlap frequently to increase the opacity at random points.

It's actually a very cheap method, but it's easier to use than patterns and more effective at creating random shapes. They can also be blurred to create photorealistic cloud shapes, but beware this is very CPU intensive if used that way. ^^'
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