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Windows95 OSR 2.x Sisters

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UPDATED: After nearly two years, C-chan's picture has been finished. ^^
Aside from some extremely minor touchups to Windows 95 OSR 2.5-tan, I also added her older sister (and mentor) Windows 95 OSR 2.1-tan, originally created by:


And I also added a new background with viable light sources, although very different from what I originally intended. ^^'

Whereas OSR 2.5-tan wields a jutte for self defence, her system [fitting to her hermit-like nature] prefers the ranged attacks from her daikyū, which she constructed herself out of a resilient metal alloy and with the ability to collapse into a more portable size.

Little can be said about the two sisters, other than that the two are one of the few rare Windows-tans that have willingly chosen to live on their own, outside their family's sphere of influence [and protection]. But while OSR 2.5-tan may occasionally return home (and cause mischief, especially towards her unknowing rival, Windows 98-tan), OSR 2.1-tan has no intention of ever returning and lives in an extremely remote location barely-accessible through snail mail.

Much to the chagrin of their conservative older sister Windows 95-tan, OSR 2.1-tan and 2.5-tan have spent far more years amidst the company of Linux-tans, vintage-tans, CIOST members and other fellow Wanderers, and are not adverse to helping them out whenever possible. Regardless of the impact this has on their family....
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Love these characters!
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made before foster's home for imaginary friends cancellation
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*praise praise*

i have found the mythical creature C:\!!

the pic is so PRETTY. *__* it looks like it took you awhile. the premise is awesome (lol) and the overall quality is just lovely. ofc, with your history on osc, that should be obvious. xD
i wish i could have properly met you. but you left osc before my time~~~ ;^;
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
hey hey

LOL, when did I become mythical? And also a Windows drive letter? ^^;

Well it's nice to know that my old works still have a few followers left, even many years later.... I was both admired and scorned in my day, so I'd be interested to know exactly how they describe my time there in OSC. Hopefully they paint me as a teacher, which is what I always tried to be. ¯v¯

In any event, thank you very much for your feedback. ^^
Indeed, I actually only completed the OSR 2.5 portion in OSC,... I added OSR 2.1 a few years later once I immigrated here to Deviantart. By that time I already had some practice doing fancy neon lighting effects, so I could add them to enhance the image considerably. ^^

It is still a vector graphic done in Inkscape, though, so comparatively-speaking it didn't take a long time to do at all.

Probably WOULD take a long time now, since I'm both rusty and lost my drawing inspiration. Not that it would needed anyway, since the pony fandom already has a wealth of great artists -- hence my teaching duties are no longer necessary in this brave new world. ^^

That's why I've retired to my old piñata art from LONG before my OSC days, and I guess that's how you find me today.

Regardless, pleased to meet you. ^^
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
And did I mention this is set as my wallpaper now? ^.^
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
The hell? Why is this the first time I've EVER seen this image? :ohnoes:

C'mon, C-quel, don't be so shy-- come over to meh userpage and gimme a smack if I miss something as epic as this again. ><;

I love them both... but there's something about OSR 2.1-tan that I love the most. Is it her outfit and wonderful accessories? Her perfectly rendered and awesome-looking bow and arrow? Or maybe it's her confident and fierce stance. Something about her is just so formidable and graceful looking.

I should also note that the lighting is amazing-- I love the neon lettering and how it cast such dramatic lighting on the characters.

Please make sure I never miss pure win like this again, C-quel. ^^;
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Fufu... really? Could've sworn OSR 2.5-sama's portraiture was the talk of the town over in OSC,... for about 15 minutes... when it was first posted. ^^'

On the other hand, guess it wasn't hard at all to bury it in a shower of Wall O' Texts'. ^^;

Oh and can't do that,.. the Humility Law dictates that ALL my artwork is CRAP until proven otherwise by a colleague. So the level of Epicness lies purely and squarely on thy shoulders. ^^

Admittedly, OSR 2.1-sama does have newer lighting effects going for her so that leaves the original OSR 2.5-sama at a disadvantage. Plus the fact that OSR 2.1-sama was created by our genius resident OS-tan designer Katt-chama also explains why she might clearly be the lovable of the two. ^^

Either way, I definitely wanted to emphasize a confident but calm grace about her. Whereas her younger sister is a hotblooded troublemaker and her older sister a serene closet-psychopath, 2.1-sama is a friendlier and more approachable individual who values internal strength and self-discipline without the need to flaunt it to the rest of the world.

Ironically, she also prefers to live alone and make her living as an eccentric steam-geek. So it's hard to say whether her calm and calculating air is Zen-related,... or whether she's just chronically deep in thought about some new contraption and so instinctively tunes out the rest of the world. ^^;

I've grown to love using neon lights a lot, especially since they're fairly easy to craft in Inkscape. Basically involves only three Stroke shapes and some Color Theory. ^.^

And don't worry,... as long as you check my Journal updates, you shan't miss a thing. ^___^


But you could check the Mini Forums more often, though.... ^___~
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
I almost didn't see this because this is an update of your WIP submitted weeks ago but I am overjoyed to see the final version! Both characters are rendered very gracefully and the lighting effects are as amazing as ever! I like the additions you made to OSR 2.1-tan's design with the long hair and streaming bows and she looks awesome posed with her bow and arrow set!

The OSR 2.x sisters would make a good team of obscure-yet-really-cool Windows-tans!

Heheheh... Also to 95-tan's chagrin, both of the OSR 2.x sisters are friendly or civil towards the Mac-tans too! :XD:

And speaking of the fact that the OSR 2.x-tans have interacted with the Vintage-tans, I wonder if they (and Windows 3.2-tan, another wanderer) know of Windows 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan!
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hmmm... so wait, does that mean you never got a notification that this image was updated?

Hoh,... I thought I finally figured out the way to do it... *sadness* ;__;

But in any event, glad you spotted it and liked it. It took a lot longer than expected, but there's a certain feeling of satisfaction of knowing that such an old picture finally received its long-awaited finishing touch. ^^

Though I honestly didn't intend to add anything to OSR2.1-sama's design,... from your pictures, I could've sworn her hair was at least chest high. @v@'

But at least know you finally saw her retractable bow in action -- figured it'd be something she would build, no? ^^

I think they would make a great team, but only when they're actually together (which we'll say for now is fairly rare). After all, while OSR 2.1-sama can put up a mean fight, even in this day in age, she's too much of a tinkerer to care about much else besides her inventions. ^.^

Didn't include the Mac-tans since I figured they would be cautiously civil towards them (hey, old habits are hard to break... ^.^' ).

It's hard to say that 2.1-sama would've met any of them, given her hermit life, but 2.5-sama for sure must've come across 3.2-tan. And 97-tan... And Odyssey-tan.... And countless virus-tans of course.... etc etc.... That girl's been around.... ^^

But you know what? I never even thought about her meeting 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan, which given her friendship with AtariDOS-tan, it would be impossible for her not to have met them at least once.

I guess this is something we could discuss over tea and biscuits over in the mini forums... Fufu... ^.^
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't get a notification about this masterpiece being updated but luckily I saw your newest journal entry!

OSR 2.1-tan's hair was originally shoulder-length but I think the long hair suits her better! Yes, her bow looks like something she'd make! It's old-fashioned yet with a hint of modernism!

You're right- old habits are hard to break and considering their similarities to 95-tan, I understand why the Mac-tans would be cautious. However I think that System 3.4-tan would be friends with the OSR 2.x-tans. She has a lot of empathy for them, especially considering that her backstory is very similar to that of OSR 2.5-tan's!

We'll continue this discussion in the DeviantOS-tans mini forums.
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Darn,... I really thought that would work.... ;___;

Or maybe it's just that I forgot to deselect the "Minor Update" box.... hmmm,... well I guess it wouldn't hurt to try again. See if something pops up. ^^

Yeah, the uber-pigtail Mac girl could probably be close friends with them, since she's a traveler too (and as you said, has a similar backstory). ^___^

And I guess we shall go ahead and craft some more sap after all.... Would be interesting to see OSR 2.5-sama thrust in the middle of some very ugly family politics.... ^^'
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doctormoProfessional Digital Artist
Do any of your other tans have arse kicking bows? Not even Arch Linux?

Although, that bow is going to shoot down every time, the top is way bigger than the bottom and the string will be uneven ;-)
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hmmm.... good question....
If memory serves, the only other OS-tan that even has a bow for a weapon is GS/OS-tan [and she's barely a true OS at that]. Other than that, everyone either carries a sword, spear, gun, staff, some random exotic weapon, or just good-old fashioned bare hands... assuming they're not pacifist to begin with.

Arch Linux-tan's already been drawn by Juzo-kun a few years ago:


And following in the tradition of all Linux-tans, she carries a spear. Fairly symbolic, though, since the spears are just for token defense -- nearly all Linux-tans are what we call in the trade "Open Sourceresses" and capable of some very powerful and highly customizable magic. No doubt there would be such a spell that could turn her spear into a kick ass bow -- and if it doesn't exist, you're free to contribute to a preexisting weapon-morphing spell so that it does what you need. ^^

And as for the bow shape... well, if its worked well for samurai and other misc. Japanese archers for hundreds of years, surely it can't be too bad. Then again, there is a shortbow-variant (the hankyū). ^__~

The wiki article does offer a few explanations for the asymmetry, btw.
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I am not a fan of windows-tans, but this one was done well. I like it :P
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank ye. ^__^

Not to worry,... 95 OSR 2.5-sama is SOOOOO obscure an OS-tan, she actually detracts from the Windows-tan fanbase because she's so darn obscure.

There's only a handful of us, besides the original manga artist, who've ever drawn her. ^___^

Hopefully you'll like,... the OTHER girl who's gonna be in this picture later on. ^.^
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You will have to suprize me :P
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay for 95 OSR 2.5-tan! Even though she was originally made as a one-shot character few consider or remember, there is just something about OSR 2.5-tan that is awesome and makes her one of my favorite Windows-tans!

I remember C-Chan considering finishing this picture but I didn't know if he'd have the time to do so. I'll really be looking forward to the update!
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
YAY!! Katt-chama has great tastes!! >v<


Yes, we're both in agreement... OSR 2.5-sama RULES!! She be undeserving of obscurity. >.<

And I hope you will be looking forward to the update,... cause I think you personally might have a better idea more than anyone who that other character is. ^_____________^
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