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Ubunchu Wallpaper 2



This second wallpaper is technically a collaborative work with :iconseotch:, as it is a colored and shaded version of a small sketch of Risa he drew to thank the translation team.

This colorized wallpaper version, however, is a way to spread the appreciation to all fans of Ubunchu, as you all provide an invaluable source of motivation to Seotch-san [and myself too]. ^^

The vector version is roughly 90% faithful to the original sketch, as some adjustments had to be made to make the transition to the vector medium smooth. Standard flat shading and thick strokes were used for speed and crispness, with blurring limited only to the background.

In the spirit of Ubunchu, the SVG source is available to download and modify here:

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Cquel!!!! We still miss you on our server :( Come back someday? We want you back you were so great to have!!!!!