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Ubunchu Wallpaper 2

By C-quel
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This second wallpaper is technically a collaborative work with :iconseotch:, as it is a colored and shaded version of a small sketch of Risa he drew to thank the translation team.

This colorized wallpaper version, however, is a way to spread the appreciation to all fans of Ubunchu, as you all provide an invaluable source of motivation to Seotch-san [and myself too]. ^^

The vector version is roughly 90% faithful to the original sketch, as some adjustments had to be made to make the transition to the vector medium smooth. Standard flat shading and thick strokes were used for speed and crispness, with blurring limited only to the background.

In the spirit of Ubunchu, the SVG source is available to download and modify here:

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Cquel!!!! We still miss you on our server :( Come back someday? We want you back you were so great to have!!!!!
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Cquel!!!! We still miss you on our server :( Come back someday? We want you back you were so great to have!!!!!
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lol, hey Brock. ;)
"We" want me, or "you" want me? Cause I don't think I was sufficiently influential for the likes of some of the admins and mods over there to want me back... if anything, I'm sure they don't give to hoots either way, and I shouldn't either.

Sorry to say, I'm a pig of my word, and once I say I'm gone for good, I'm gone for good. Plus I'm busy with my house stuff now, which hasn't gone as smoothly as I'd hoped, so there's still a TON of things to do.

But hey, I did say I could make a cameo appearance in the forum at some point, and I may just do that soon.

Anyways, enjoy your time here in DA. ^^
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Very nice, I've posted both your wallpapers to my blog today.
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Just saw it, thank you! ^^

Didn't realize how bright I made this one compared to my last one. Although the older one is deliberately more Kyoto Animation-like, whereas this one is I think truer to the look and feel of the manga.
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My only thought when looking at it would be to embolden the lines, they are sometimes to thin and suggest more details is available that actually is.
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Ah yes, Thin-Lining (meaning that either the strokes are physically thin, or are made semi-transparent) is a new habit of mine that was pretty hard to break in this picture.

It's a technique I use to very quickly disguise the fact that Inkscape has no variable width lines.

Usually it works, although clearly it fails when the picture's supposed to have thick lines. ^^;
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I've been trying to get the inkscape devs to develop something for the multi-thickness of lines. It's a hard problem knowing as I do the constraints of svg. See recent posting for awesomeness of svg.

I'll keep thinking about the problem though, maybe a solution will come to me.
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Fufufu, true it is an inconvenience, but really not that much of a problem. I haven't lost any fingers because I can't do variable width strokes. Animation is really would would turn Inkscape into the undisputed killer app. ^_________^

Still, having another goal in mind to make things better couldn't hurt. Why not, I'm game! ^.^

In my uneducated opinion, the solution to variable width strokes could lie in the same SVG filter techniques that allow for such complex deformations as blurring. The trick, however, is that the deformation must be allowable on a per-node level, and not applied uniformly throughout the entire stroke (or path).

Is this technically possible, I have no clue. But since nodes already carry some data regarding the direction and "bend" of the line, why can't they also contain data regarding estimated stroke "width" at that point as well.

The renderer can then just paint the difference between a node with a stroke width of 1.0 and another with a stroke width of 3.5.
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The problem is that node bend is controlled by Bézier curves in the path d attribute, 4 co-ordinate numbers give you every curve possible.

In order to do variable width you'd need a new attribute in the inkscape namespace which was specific for this, one that would control another object and bind to it... because your stroke would have to be another path element in order to render faithfully in other svg viewers and editors.
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Replied in your blog-o. ^__^
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