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Ubunchu Wallpaper 1

The first in a series of Ubunchu wallpapers, featuring Risa the lovable young Mac user who also seconds as an Ubuntu promoter (for the sake of peace and [prosperity in the System Admin's Club). ^.^

Thanks are in order to :iconseotch: for creating such awesome and iconic characters. ^^

In the spirit of Seotch-san's original generosity in making his manga source files accessible, the source SVG for the above image is also available to download, modify and distribute per the CC-BY-SA license:


Just be sure that if you plan to change the background, don't forget to change her lighting patterns accordingly. After all, a bright blue sky background wouldn't bathe her in the same orange hue lighting as it does above. ^____^;
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Yes, I guu quite a bit. ^^;
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Lovely Risa-tan again!
The scene effect is simply beautiful and breathtaking.
And her expression....I have to say,"MOE"! :)

Thank you for making Risa so cute.('-^ )b
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And thank you again for the comments! But Risa-chan was already cute in your manga, so I don't think I really needed to do much to make her MOE other than play with lighting. ^_____^

Please consider these two drawings of Risa-chan to be but small tokens of appreciation for your work in Ubunchu 01 and 02. I do plan to make more....

Next up will be the RtL page insert featuring Akane-tan. I wasn't sure what the background would be until I read Episode 02 -- thanks to that I now have a great plan! ^______^

Then after that, there's a part 2 to the Ubunchu wallpaper above: featuring Akane. ^v^

Hopefully you'll enjoy that picture too. ^___~
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Risa is adorable and I love the lighting effects on her clothing and hair-- but I'm also amazed at the background! I'm definitely going to have to give the inner-workings of this one a look... :)
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Fufu! Thank you! ^.^

Well the background is not unlike others you've seen from me before. If anything, it's a heck of a lot SIMPLER than the likes of our Christmas special drawing, for example. ^^'

Still, I was definitely aiming for a Kyoto Animation-style look here, hence the heavy emphasis on deep shading, warm atmospheric lighting and sun gleams.

Ironically, the only thing not in that style is her eyes -- I opted to use a livelier eye-style instead. ^.^'
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It may be simple, but that doesn't mean it's not striking. And I love the use of shading and highlighting on Risa. :)

(Though it certainly wouldn't be the first dynamically shaded drawing from you =P)
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I think I may use this as my background, oh and share the source (svg) :-D
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Thank you~! ^__^

Sure thing, was actually on my to-do list. Kinda have guests to entertain, which is why I kinda had to rush-post it (e.g., the description is painfully scant).

Wallpaper #2 will feature Akane-san, although my goal is to include a widescreen version featuring both. <^.^>
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Oooh, nice, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the svg (I'm keeping all these on record for when I want to study your methods :-))

I've already replaced my wallpaper.
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Thank ye x3. ^___^

Now you can study cause the Special Sauce file is now served. The link is in the updated description. ^.^
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