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Ubunchu Fanart - Risa Busker



Updated 5/11/2009: Updated Risa-tan per Doctormo's shading job. Also took the opportunity to add in the chibi Akane and Masato that I left out in the original posting. [The two are busy in a mutual flame war rather than doing their jobs.]

Hardware enthusiasts will probably recognize the laptop models Akane and Masato are using.

This image can now be considered complete.
The SVG file has also been updated accordingly.


My second piece of Ubunchu fanart, based on a proposal by:


...and featuring Risa as a busker promoting the upcoming Karmic Koala release in a rather lackluster manner. The art is intended to be a quick, unshaded piece that will appear in a very important blog article by Doc. ^^

Akane and Masato were intended to cameo in this picture, but were dropped due to time constraints. Also, given that I will want to turn my attention towards completing my first true Ubunchu wallpaper, this image will have to be considered final as is.

Fortunately, this image is released with the same license as the Ubunchu manga, and thus the source is available to download and modify here.

Thanks are in order to :iconseotch: for creating such awesome and potentially-iconic characters. ^^
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Suwako-taa...wait, risa? Oh that's a, rather interesting hat.