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Ubunchu Fanart - Risa Busker

By C-quel
Updated 5/11/2009: Updated Risa-tan per Doctormo's shading job. Also took the opportunity to add in the chibi Akane and Masato that I left out in the original posting. [The two are busy in a mutual flame war rather than doing their jobs.]

Hardware enthusiasts will probably recognize the laptop models Akane and Masato are using.

This image can now be considered complete.
The SVG file has also been updated accordingly.


My second piece of Ubunchu fanart, based on a proposal by:


...and featuring Risa as a busker promoting the upcoming Karmic Koala release in a rather lackluster manner. The art is intended to be a quick, unshaded piece that will appear in a very important blog article by Doc. ^^

Akane and Masato were intended to cameo in this picture, but were dropped due to time constraints. Also, given that I will want to turn my attention towards completing my first true Ubunchu wallpaper, this image will have to be considered final as is.

Fortunately, this image is released with the same license as the Ubunchu manga, and thus the source is available to download and modify here.

Thanks are in order to :iconseotch: for creating such awesome and potentially-iconic characters. ^^
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requiem18th's avatar
Suwako-taa...wait, risa? Oh that's a, rather interesting hat.
C-quel's avatar
Thanks. hehe, well she is a busker here after all, so the hat goes with the territory. ^___^b
seotch's avatar
Hi C-quel!
Risa-tan looks so cute!
You made me feel like I'm gonna donate for her new dress.:) And of course, SD Akane is also my cup of tea.
It goes to my new desktop picture ('-^)b

BTW, Your and DoctorMO's vector editing skill is great.
I've never used inkscape to draw an illustration,
but you guys made me to try.

Thank you for the nice artwork!
C-quel's avatar
Hi Seotch-san! Long time no see!
Thank you for the very kind words and for the Fave. It's a pleasure to draw these wonderful characters. ^^

Vector editing is more sculpting than it is drawing, so not sure you would like it as much as your current raster drawings since you can create a much greater and richer level of detail as seen in all your drawings and in Ubunchu.

Still, I would be very happy if you did give Inkscape a try, as the Inkscape developers work very hard to make it a comprehensive drawing solution that rivals Adobe Illustrator.


A long time ago I tried creating an Inkscape tutorial for my friends:


...however, I never finished it and version 0.45 and 0.46 came out so it's a little old now. Still, if you would like to read it, it might help cover some of the basics. ^^

Otherwise, the regular Inkscape documentation is top-notch (and probably also localized too)! ^____^
Kattlanna's avatar
Wonderful job on Risa's pose and hands!

I like the additions of Akane and Masato too, and the feuding is a good touch! I recognize Masato's laptop as some sort of Dell machine, and that FUD stands for "Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt" but I'm afraid I don't know what laptop Akane is using nor do I know what FEED means! I fail!

But I know this for sure: It's not wise to feed the FUD!
C-quel's avatar
Darn, hate DA mangles external links! Might as well just go to the main site and check out the laptops. ^^'
C-quel's avatar
Thank you Katt-chama. ^____^

Yes indeed, Masato, being the conventional PC gamer, is using a caricature of a Dell XPS.

In contrast, Risa-tan is supporting Linux hardware vendors by using a caricature of a Gazelle Ultra from System76. Here's the page for it:


[I'm actually seriously considering getting the Starling Netbook myself, although I figure I should at least wait until the first wave of ARM-based Linux netbooks arrive. ^^ ]

And yes, FUD is FUD, but "FEED" is just short for "feeding the troll". Nevertheless, I love your expression; "Don't FEED the FUD". Should make that the new classic expression. ^.^
doctormo's avatar
I've added her to today's blog post:


Added some light shading and tried to copy your anime hair thing, didn't go so well. But I was fascinated by your vector drawing style. My style is more to create large block objects and the shading is usually large blocks too. But yours were lots of little vectors with open ends.
C-quel's avatar
Hi! yeah, thanks for that! See, now the lovely Risa-chan is expanding to new and exciting horizons. ^___^

I think your hair highlights look great and in fact all the shading you applied gives enough of a dynamic look to prevent the above "flatness". So I do owe you one there. ^__~

How about posting your revision up? It is after all a CC work, so you're more than welcome to repost a more completed variant. ^^

And yes, you could say my approach is extremely piece-meal and at times quite CPU intensive, but thanks to the nature of Inkscape it never truly takes me a long time to build them.

The ROMDOS/FreeDOS-tan picture or the OpenVMS portraiture or the holiday collaboration pic with BellaCielo are probably the largest of all my works in terms of micro-detail added. And even at that, we're thankfully not talking weeks here, which is what USED to take me while trying [and failing] to do conventional drawings in the past. -v-
doctormo's avatar
You did this as a kindness to myself, I owe you one my friend. I think the article speaks better with the image then it would have done without it. I've properly attributed you now on the blog entry (as I should have re license) and posted my version for you to download and look at.

Hopefully you'll continue your awesome work, obviously faster than I am with work. I think perhaps I will have to get someone to challenge me to make art of my own :-) I'm learning a lot about interference lines for comics so I should be ready to do something useful with it.

The shading wasn't that detailed or in-depth. I just copied your work for the hair and added some minor shadows here and there. 20 minuets job done.
C-quel's avatar
Haha! Would you believe me if I told you I didn't even realize my name wasn't in the entry? Not that it would've mattered really, but do appreciate the update. ^___^

You are a programmer, so I would be hard pressed to challenge you to make any kind of art. At least from my vantage point, there's a lot more of the latter and very little of the former, and very little of people who could do both. So I'd rather just chide you into creating very beautiful GUIs,... that make use of interference lines. ^.^

I value efficient shading and highlight as well -- in fact most of my early works were centered around fast, quick deployment, which also offered the dual benefit of creating more "Animesque" (as opposed to "Mangaesque") works. I want to commit your additions to Risa-chama in the image above -- although given she's already shaded and everything I might also squeeze in the unfinished Akane and Masato. So I may be updating this over the weekend. ^v^

In other Ubunch-related news, I also began work on that aforementioned Ubunchu wallpaper. In case I can't get to Akane immediately, I'll more than likely release it with Risa first.
chibiBiscuit's avatar
This is really cute! And I would like to point out, drawing characters that are holding a violin is really hard! You did a fantastic job here, though. ^_^
C-quel's avatar
Thank you, and WOW! Long time no see! Surely you've been busy, my friend. ^___^

Can't take full credit on the pose, though, as I did use reference shots. ^^
chibiBiscuit's avatar
My art mentor in college always told me, "You wouldn't draw a self portrait without looking in a mirror, and you see yourself every day. Why would you think you can draw someone else without a reference?" =D

And yes, it has been busy. Between work, and the hubbub associated with this wedding, I've been MIA for the last week and a half, and only off an on available before then. ^_^
C-quel's avatar
Fufu... well those street artists sometimes can draw phenomenal things very very quickly, and other artists can just sketch up hands, faces or mechanical parts without so much as a second guess. But admittedly, skill like that would undoubtedly require years of practice -- I used to not be able to survive Anime eyes without reference shots and now I can do them with my eyes closed (although not necessarily on the same take). :P

I'm still giddy with excitement about the wedding, do be sure to keep us posted on that. ^__^

Besides that and my latest Ubunchu gig, there's not much I can tell you. Everything at least around here in DA has been pretty much standard-issue. ^^
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