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Ubunchu Ep02 RtL Instructions



This is a custom-made Right-to-Left Instructional Insert for Ubunchu Episode 02, an Ubuntu-based manga by...
...and currently being translated into English (and a few other languages) by the original team, and this time including yours truly. ^^

People who can read in Japanese should be able to enjoy the original manga here: [link]

Or if you missed out on Episode 01, feel free to check out my mirror here: [link]

The source file will be officially packaged with the rest of the English translation later, but can be temporarily downloaded here: [link]


Unlike the previous Risa-tan version, this insert is based on the gnome-terminal screen and feature "Akane-tan", a chibified version of Akane Kisaragi, the Linux guru + club president from Ubunchu. She's currently dressed in "CLI-tan" mode -- although many of you will have to wait until the manga is translated to know what that means. ^___^'

While designed for the RtL version, :icondoctormo: and I have agreed to work on a reedit of this for the standard LtR version of the Ubunchu English translation.
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