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Ubunchu Ep02 - English RtL Ed.

By C-quel
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2009-07-18: Added Italian Translation.
2009-07-17: Added Hungarian and Galician Translations.
2009-06-21: Added Chinese [Simplified] Translation. Also linked to the English versions designed for Apple's iPhone/iTouch and Google's Android.
2009-06-12: Added Chinese [Traditional] and Indonesian Translations. Also linked to my Spanish Translation.
2009-06-11: Added Hungarian and Russian Translations.
2009-06-10: Added Vietnamese Translation.
2009-06-09: Added Asturian Translation.


This is the Right-to-Left English Translation of Ubunchu Episode 02, an Ubuntu-based manga by Hiroshi Seo. The translation project was a joint production between him, Fumihito Yoshida, Hajime Mizuno, Martin Owens, and myself.


In addition to the Download button above, the PDF file can be downloaded from this mirror: [link]

An alternative collection of PNG files can be downloaded here: [link]

The source file, issued with a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License, can be downloaded here: [link]


My Ubunchu Episode 01 RtL Page

Hiroshi Seo's Ubunchu Episode 02 Page

Doctormo's Ubunchu Episode 02 Page

My Ubunchu Episode 02 Spanish Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Korean Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 French Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Asturian Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Vietnamese Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Hungarian Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Russian Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Chinese [Traditional] Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Indonesian Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Chinese [Simplified] Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 English iPhone/Android Editions

Ubunchu Episode 02 Hungarian Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Galician Translation

Ubunchu Episode 02 Italian Translation
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I'm interested in helping you translate it to Bulgarian 0w0

Can I? :meow:
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Hehe, no need to ask me. It's licensed under CC-BY-NC, so you can freely translate it to any language you want. ^^b

Don't forget to use the source files, as these should make the translation easier for you:


Or if you prefer, working off the original Japanese edition, you can download Seotch-san's source files from his page:


Thank you for the interest in Ubunchu! ^__~
Thanks for your help! I've just finished my translation :D I'll edit the spreadsheet later :)

If you want to link to my translation, it is still the same for the first chapter

C-quel's avatar

Everything is so nicely crafted just like the last one. I especially loved how it shows you had fun with the CLI-inspired Insert Page. ^_______^

I'll be adding this up in a blink of an eye! ^__~
Oh, I'm bad at hand-drawing, I think I'll try to make my hands jittery then... ^^

Thanks for your compliment. I'm just the translator of a small fansub group, and I *shy* know nothing about graphic editors. So, it was my first time using Inkscape. However, Ubunchu has been spread more widely thanks to our fans :D

And yeah, about that GDocs spreadsheet, I don't know what it's used for? I think editing those .svg files directly is faster, right?
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Fufu! Let me know if you ever need a hand with some of the sound effects. I can always help a fellow translator, especially now that the English piece is done (although I was about to start the Spanish one). ^^

Good thing also about Inkscape is that if your initial wording doesn't come out jittery enough, you can always rearrange the nodes later. If you need instructions on Inkscape use, the tutorials it comes with our great, but you can also check out my old one: [link] ^__^


The Google Dos spreadsheet serves two purposes:

1) Makes collaborative translations easier -- in your case, since you're likely the only person translating this, I think that makes that purpose obsolete for you. ^^'

2) Archives your translation in parallel with the others so that perhaps one day it can be added to a multi-translation format (a long shot). ^___^

Doing it directly onto the SVG offers the benefit of translating it in context, so if you prefer you can stick to that. But if you're willing, and after you've published your translation, it would be great if you could copy and paste your final wording into the GDoc for archival purposes. ^.^
Hi C-Quel,

I'm translating this new chapter :D But I'm having one small issue, so I'd like to ask you for help: how did you make the shivering effects for those "Clutter" words on page 4?

Thanks in advance :)
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Fufu! Those were hand-drawn by me using the Freehand Tool in Inkscape (otherwise known as the Pencil tool). ^^

I naturally have a very jittery hand (which is why I stick to vector artwork over raster), so it was easy to draw that with a lot of squiggles. Hehe... ^________^'

If memory serves, you did a FANTASTIC job with the Vietnamese translation of Episode 01, even to the point of translating my insert art. I would love to see your final with this one. ^v^

BTW, are you using the Google Docs link that Doctormo provided? That should make it a little bit convenient to add your translation alongside the other ones. ^^

Feel free to pay a small visit if you'd like:

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Hooray for CLI!!
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Touche! ^v^

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