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SDC - Trollin' Trollin' Trollin' 8

The epic grand finale of Trollin'x3!!!  CC reports back for duty after a demolition job well done, and DD is about ready to launch the invasion on everyone!!  No one is safe from their thermonuclear war of frivolous patent litigation...!!


Next: Nomming on the Hair

Artwork drawn by me in Inkscape, with Some Rights Reserved
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hey serious question you girls wouldn't happen to be working for google now and are running youtube by any chance?
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oh no, they're onto you!  RUN, GIRLS, RUN!!! XD
BlackWidower's avatar
... I don't get it.

You know, since CrankyGeeks was cancelled, it's been harder and harder to keep up with tech news.
C-quel's avatar
haha, that would explain it.  :)

Well here's a small hint,...…

...though the story itself IRL still hasn't been concluded yet.  :)
BlackWidower's avatar
So... Elon gained 20 stone at some stage?
C-quel's avatar
Perhaps... that Finnish food is heavy. XD
GeneralDurandal's avatar
You spelled prosperity wrong lol

You have "propserity" lolol
C-quel's avatar
*facepalm* Knew I shouldn't have done this at 2am... XD
14-Spades's avatar
Is this a thing that actually happened?
C-quel's avatar
Almost.. it's at the penultimate stage....…

Still hoping it ends the same way, though that might be asking too much.  :P
14-Spades's avatar
I know about the E... ehm... Chelop part. Looks pretty rotten to me. (Though Windows Phone is pretty much a punchline at this point) But I it would have been cool for a Nokia employ to make something better then whatever the heck they got now.
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hehe well within Nokia itself they can't, they got rid of all their side-projects [except Asha, which is intentionally crippled] and switched everything to Windows full-time.  They either jettisoned their Symbian or Meego projects, and/or fired the talent working on those. 

They actually had gotten very far ahead with Meego, and several engineers for it are now working to deploy the new Jolla phone which looks very cool and unique.  I wish them all the luck in the world, they deserve it for sticking to their principles.  :)

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Hooray for Dilbert! 
C-quel's avatar
The Dilbert clone saves the day!  :D
GeoNine's avatar this a win, loss or a stuck-in-limbo?
C-quel's avatar
It's a win for everyone... unless you're Nanohard or a Nanohard shareholder, in which case curse the advancement of society!  XD

Here's hoping this is foreshadowing the result of this latest travesty:…
Ane-H's avatar
The Dilbert clone has his own company! 8D

Hopefully Newkia does well...
C-quel's avatar
Yep, and Nokita and Jolla... all the brave offshoots who came out of this travesty of technology.... ^__^
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Ah yes.  The Jolla phone looks interesting. :)
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