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SDC - Sunshine, Ponies and Rainbows

Strapped for cash [again], the crazy evil pony duo switch jobs [again] to try and make an honest living.  Granted some people may have different expectations about ponies on their roofs, but at least they arrive to the job early (relative to your average home contractor).  >v<

The Generation 3-style panel was drawn in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on my Galaxy Note tablet.  It can do much better, but I have a nasty habit of drawing on low resolutions until it's too late.  ^^;

Artwork drawn by me in Inkscape, with Some Rights Reserved
If you like what you see, please consider tipping me with a purchase of the high-res version -- it funds my efforts AND it's dirt cheap. =)

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Must be busy IRL.
sevenofeleven's avatar
Looks great.
Its easy to see sunshine and rainbows without a roof to block them!
C-quel's avatar
hehe, love the analogy, yes! :D
GeoNine's avatar
DD ate something she shouldn't have.
C-quel's avatar
yep.  Hold that thought, as that carries over into the next comic.  ^^;
CyberAgent369's avatar
Shame we'll never find out what it was.
*sigh* I miss this, especially Cherry Churro :(
Ane-H's avatar
There we have it, DD's special talent is parsnips.  XD

Speaking of DD, that face in panel three.... :faint:
C-quel's avatar
haha! XD
I actually meant to add a luffa as CC's imaginary cutie mark, btw, but I forgot. Oh well, that won't be the last time you'll see them with butt tattoos.  :)

and lol ^^
C-quel's avatar
hehe, I almost forgot about that one too :D
Ane-H's avatar
I think I'll have to go through and review every strip up to now.  It's been a while. :D (Big Grin)
Ane-H's avatar
The luffa would make a bit more sense.  Come to think of it, I don't really remember any instances of cherries in the series. ^^;

If I saw that face looking at me from beyond the door frame... *slam, bolt, run* XD
C-quel's avatar
hehe, like my name "C-quel", cherries have been embedded in LOTS of little nooks and crannies across various comics (e.g., CC's battle uniform insignia).  :D

And yes, that makes even Jack Nicholson from The Shining look tame.  ^.^
Ane-H's avatar
Well, I at least noticed the not-so-subliminal "C-quel" everywhere. ^^;

I dunno.  That's debatable but I would agree it's up there.
GothGuru's avatar
The anime is named Bleach, but the hero is a natural blond(Yellow hair, not white).
The ponies look even cuddlier. :)
Ane-H's avatar
Could have sworn Ichigo had orange hair...  But in reference to the title, your comment does make sense.
Since my previous comment, I have actually recalled an instance of CC and cherries together so :shrug:
DeadCobra's avatar
Its never good to haw high expectations
C-quel's avatar
you got it.  :D
Tearahk's avatar
Lol, those two are almost as big as that woman's house. XD
C-quel's avatar
She should beware, those two might want to eat it too.  XD
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