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SDC - Nomming on the Hair

And now for something a little on the uber-serious side.  :)

Next: Sunshine, Ponies and Rainbows

Artwork drawn by me in Inkscape, with Some Rights Reserved
If you like what you see, please consider tipping me with a purchase of the high-res version -- it funds my efforts AND it's dirt cheap. =)

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"Next time on SDC! They become even more like a random comedy anime than ever before"
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lol,... ironically, the next comic will actually touch on the pony aspect again.  :D
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This feels like one of those silly 30-second "previews" at the end of anime episodes that aren't really previews, just a bunch of silly random light skits.
C-quel's avatar
haha, well in essence ALL of SDC is inspired by those wacky random skits.  :)
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I seem to recall that nomming her boyfriend was a serious health concern 
BlackWidower's avatar
That's true. She sucks him off, he ends up in her lungs.
Darrtaa's avatar
I was gunning more at the fact that a kiss could easily make him lunch, but, uh...that too
C-quel's avatar
lol, spoiler alert.  :D
CherryGore-PS's avatar
SO cute and adorable
C-quel's avatar
Thank you!  :D
Tearahk's avatar
Man that's adorable XD
C-quel's avatar
adawwable!  XD
Tearahk's avatar
Heh heh, yep XD
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I totally love it!  I find myself agreeing with CC.  Totally worth it!

The name of the next comic certainly has me curious. ^^
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haha, isn't it?  :D
This is also quite a departure from the Trollin' arc, so the chance of pace makes it all the more... nommy... ^^;

The next one will be a challenge, since I may have to dive into some recreational G1-style artwork... >v>;
Ane-H's avatar
Can't say I'm familiar with G1 so I wouldn't know. ^^;
Ane-H's avatar
That's... something. ^^
I look foward to seeing what you do with it.
Shirei-Shou's avatar
hihihi CC hearth shaped hair is cuteee.

she really funny
C-quel's avatar
aww, thank you.  ^^

I wonder what weird shapes she'll do in the next comic.  :3
GeoNine's avatar
And that's how CC got a free trip to the other side of the world in a crate.
C-quel's avatar
To Abu Dabi!!  Yus! :D
Kaychu-The-Gamer's avatar
hehe i love the emotive cowlick!
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