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Model - Risa Shiina



This is a vector graphics Model Character Sheet ("MCS"), designed to allow a single character template to be shaped and dressed quickly based on any proof-of-concept the artist is willing to experiment with. Different clothing are drawn over permanent Body and Head layers, while a Scale layer is present to ensure the correct body height and proportions.

This MCS features Risa, a character from Ubunchu, which is an Ubuntu-based manga created by:


Her featured outfits are as follows (from top-left to bottom right):


1) Episode 01 Risa, in her standard seifuku and Apple barrette.

2) Episode 02 Risa, in her standard seifuku and Ubuntu barrette.

3) Koala Busker Risa, with patches and a koala hat (referencing Ubuntu 9.10). This was previously used for this commission work: [link]

4) Jackalope Busker Risa, with patches and a jackalope hat (referencing Ubuntu 9.04). This was originally intended to be in the Koala Busker commission piece.

5) Koala Suit Risa -- this was one of the earliest ideas I had for the Koala Busker commission piece, until Doctormo provided a few streamlining suggestions.

6) Gnome Risa -- as featured in the Episode 02 instructional insert: [link]

7) "Foodora" Risa -- my take on how Risa might have looked like had the manga been "ふうどうら" rather than "うぶんちゅ". ^^


The MCS template featuring Risa can be downloaded here:

To modify it, use the latest copy of the free and open source Inkscape vector graphics program:

It includes additional layers not featured in the above picture.
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Otro voto para el ultimo diseño :XD: excelente trabajo.