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Model - Risa Shiina

By C-quel
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This is a vector graphics Model Character Sheet ("MCS"), designed to allow a single character template to be shaped and dressed quickly based on any proof-of-concept the artist is willing to experiment with. Different clothing are drawn over permanent Body and Head layers, while a Scale layer is present to ensure the correct body height and proportions.

This MCS features Risa, a character from Ubunchu, which is an Ubuntu-based manga created by:


Her featured outfits are as follows (from top-left to bottom right):


1) Episode 01 Risa, in her standard seifuku and Apple barrette.

2) Episode 02 Risa, in her standard seifuku and Ubuntu barrette.

3) Koala Busker Risa, with patches and a koala hat (referencing Ubuntu 9.10). This was previously used for this commission work: [link]

4) Jackalope Busker Risa, with patches and a jackalope hat (referencing Ubuntu 9.04). This was originally intended to be in the Koala Busker commission piece.

5) Koala Suit Risa -- this was one of the earliest ideas I had for the Koala Busker commission piece, until Doctormo provided a few streamlining suggestions.

6) Gnome Risa -- as featured in the Episode 02 instructional insert: [link]

7) "Foodora" Risa -- my take on how Risa might have looked like had the manga been "ふうどうら" rather than "うぶんちゅ". ^^


The MCS template featuring Risa can be downloaded here:

To modify it, use the latest copy of the free and open source Inkscape vector graphics program:

It includes additional layers not featured in the above picture.
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Otro voto para el ultimo diseño :XD: excelente trabajo.
C-quel's avatar
Muchas gracias! Si, ya quisiéramos que se vistiera de esa forma! ^___^
eleefece's avatar
Kattlanna's avatar
Cute! My favorite one is the last one, which has a cute uniform design and also makes me further wonder what Risa's outfits would have been if the manga was about another Linux distro. But in that last one, shouldn't she be wearing a fedora of course? =P
C-quel's avatar
Well given we've both been drawing OS-tans for a very long time, it's only natural that we start branching off to other systems. ^________^

[oh, and yeah I guess a fedora would be appropriate in that case, although then again she has two hats right above her to borrow] ^.^

I'm actually mulling the idea of creating a Mandriva Risa eventually, although I think I'd much rather move on with other things. Still have the Christine-sama MCS to draft up. ^___^
NekoIce's avatar
How cute <3

Rly love that orange outfit >w<
C-quel's avatar
Thank you. ^^
[although it was Seotch that came up with the orange outfit] ^.^'

Have you had a chance to read the Ubunchu manga? There are French translations for both Episode 01 and 02 if you're interested. ^^
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I've read them in English, loll.
I may be french, I still read everything in english to gain skills. <3
C-quel's avatar
Aaa sou, I guess I used to be the same with Spanish too. which is why I can read and speak English better than I should. ^.^'

Well if you're interested, you can hook up with :iconwindypower: -- I'm sure he'd love another extra pair of eyes on his handiwork. ^___^
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