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To honor the ~5th anniversary of Canalfriend's original Gokiburi-hime (aka, "Roach Princess"), I have drawn this updated version of her chibi form. This can be considered "restoration" work, since the original Photoshop source file was forever lost during a terrible hard drive crash years ago.

Goki-hime has received as much modernization as was possible with detracting too much from the original pose. More recognizable roach features have also been added to better advertise the association. Instead of a cake, a salt and pepper and appropriate table background have been added, both to add interest to the image and to point out the obvious size differential.

The jewelry was not very well pronounced in the original, but is a lot more prominent here, hinting at the more regal appearance that will be aimed for in the upcoming full-body version of Gokiburi-hime. Despite the cute and demur expression of her chibi form, the actual character of Gokibur-hime is intended to be far more elegant and sophisticated.
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How cute, what clothes that she wear?