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Gokiburi-hime Reloaded

To honor the ~5th anniversary of Canalfriend's original Gokiburi-hime (aka, "Roach Princess"), I have drawn this updated version of her chibi form. This can be considered "restoration" work, since the original Photoshop source file was forever lost during a terrible hard drive crash years ago.

Goki-hime has received as much modernization as was possible with detracting too much from the original pose. More recognizable roach features have also been added to better advertise the association. Instead of a cake, a salt and pepper and appropriate table background have been added, both to add interest to the image and to point out the obvious size differential.

The jewelry was not very well pronounced in the original, but is a lot more prominent here, hinting at the more regal appearance that will be aimed for in the upcoming full-body version of Gokiburi-hime. Despite the cute and demur expression of her chibi form, the actual character of Gokibur-hime is intended to be far more elegant and sophisticated.
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How cute, what clothes that she wear?
nekoCAT21's avatar
So cute. :iconawwwplz: I miss the black forest cake of the original but I understand your points for the salt and pepper shakers.
C-quel's avatar
Wow! Even MORE ancient history. :D

But this one I do have fond memories of, plus it's a concept I wouldn't mind resurrecting in the future, as the story is rather... unique. ^^
nekoCAT21's avatar
Ancient? That may be. Alas, I did not have an account when Gokiburi-hime was uploaded (although I was lurking when it happened :D).
BellaCielo's avatar
Oh thanks C-quel, you've gotten me all sad about all the small, defenseless cockroaches I've killed over the years. NOW how am I gonna be able to smack one with my shoe? Huh? T_T

Nah, nah-- this picture is adorable. the way she's peeking out of behind the salt and pepper shakers makes her look so shy and sweet, like she's telling you that she comes in peace-- and not to be afraid of her. ^^

Her hair and antennae are well colored (it has a certain metallic quality, like an insect's shell), and I really like the detail on her jewelry. It's very pretty!

I can't wait to see what you might make of this character. :3
C-quel's avatar
Oh believe me, Sister Bella.... ^.^
If I ever create my story AND it's successful at its purpose, you're gonna wanna go outta your way to find a piece of parsley.... ^____^

And I thought you liked your shoes/boots... otherwise, why would you be decorating them with bug guts? ^-^;

You nailed her intent in this picture beautifully. ^-^
Not to say she wouldn't have her cute and curious moments, but for the most part Goki-hime could best be described as a very "worldly" person (pardon the understatement). Normally she wouldn't invite fear so much as awe. ^__^

The metallic hair is a compromise on the "oily" one of the original, which would not only be a pain to draw consistently but also sent the wrong message. ^^'
Kattlanna's avatar
Awww... She's even more adorable than before! :D
I also really like her cockroack-themed jewelry too!
C-quel's avatar
Thank you Katt-chan. ^__^

The jewelry is slightly roach-themes, but I backtracked on my decision to make them composed of junk. On second thought, it should be as fancy as possible, as making her jewelry and clothing composed of "human" trash would kinda go against her very... uh.... epic... backstory. -.-'
siya's avatar
She's adorable. D:

I'll never be able to kill her, now!
C-quel's avatar
Less killing, more loving. ^o^

Now pucker up them lips, and prepare to kiss something small and oily. -v-


Oh wait,... that sounds wrong on about 2 dozen levels. ^^;
C-quel's avatar
Yeah, my thoughts exactly. ^^'

*conveniently switches topic*

Soooo... eaten any delicious cake lately? ^___^
siya's avatar
*enjoys the change in subject*

Oh, yes! A wonderful lemon cream cake this past Saturday! You?
C-quel's avatar
Why... the best darn Chee-zu Ca-ku money can by! ^v^

No chocolate, though... that doesn't quite mix with pigs, you see. ^___^
like what you said..she is adorable....hehehe
C-quel's avatar
Thank ye! ^__^

I feel like she's gaining a mini fanbase at least. ^^

that's good....hehehe
chocolatemintmilk's avatar
for a gokiburi she's cute
C-quel's avatar
Oro? Am I the only mammal on Earth who thinks roaches have a particular charm to them? Hehe... ^v^
chocolatemintmilk's avatar
well ... I think they are cute when they purr (which was a theory that came up after I killed one in a friends shoe), but generally ... maybe?
C-quel's avatar
Gyaaah! I'm surrounded by crushers....! >v<
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