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The very last drawing created by CanalFriend, Gokiburi-hime (or "Cockroach Princess") was his second attempt at an authentic hand-drawn Anime character (the first being Plum) and the ONLY truly original Anime character ever created by him.

The original digital artwork was never shown to the public. A scan is presented here due to the fact the original was lost in a catastrophic hard drive failure, which also took with it half his progress on SlayersTS (his last and most ambitious game conversion). In many ways, the hard drive crash could be said to have ended Canalfriend's era, since it brutally highlighted the fragility of his [often silly] pastimes.

Gokiburi-hime was a relative tour de force in its day, but even Canalfriend realized it was a far cry from the crisp, clean Animation style he was aiming for, which he felt he could not achieve in Photoshop. Years later, C-chan would also inherit these same concerns, leading him inevitably to the exploration of vector graphic solutions for his own Anime-style drawings.

I've been mulling the idea of recreating the Roach Princess myself, in vector of course. Given her historical importance, I think she deserves AT LEAST a proper source file. ^^
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Awww! She is so cute! I especially like the multicolored hair and atennae!

And although a hand-drawn work, it does seem to have a fairly crisp anime cel-look to it.

It is so sad that CanalFriend's era came to such an abrupt and unfortunate end. I can relate to that pain because I have had a hard drive crash that caused me to lose all of my work that wasn't uploaded to the internet (still about half of my work) :(

I'd very much like to see a recreated version of Gokiburi-hime!
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Thank you very much, K-chan. ^^
I think you're being too kind, but I definitely appreciate the kind words you have for CF's parting work. -v-

I myself use Linux, so unlike CF I have the notion of backing data up regularly more of a discipline than a chore. When you're moving around partitions in order to indulge in a little "distro-hopping", it's comes as a very healthy precaution. ^.^

But from our own mutual experiences, here's a word from the wise to any viewers,... BACK UP YOUR DATA OFTEN!!!!!!!! >.<

On a side note: I don't recall now whether the excessive highlighting was due to CF's poorer grasp of Anime style techniques, or an attempt at giving her hair an "oily" look (being an anthropomorphic roach, after all). I'm gonna assume the latter when I try to recreate it. ^__^