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BSD Group Picture - FINAL



UPDATED 5/23/2009
All shading, highlighting and touch-ups have been applied. Fingers have been drawn wherever applicable, and the background was given slightly more detail (although it is still more of an afterthought).

A few last minute tweaks to FreeBSD-tan's design were made to reduce the amount of hair on her to something a little more manageable.

This image can now be consider finalized!

And in the spirit of the BSD license, the source is available to view and modify here.

Again, special thanks to :iconbellacielo: for laying the foundation for this picture. Sorry it took so long, but at least now it's finally complete. ^^


UPDATED 5/19/2009:
It's amazing how much inspiration is bottled up after such a long wait. ^^
In any event, not only did I manage to fit in NetBSD-tan (the eldest, at 167cm), but I finally made use of C-chan's first vector sketch of FreeBSD-tan (the leader of the group, at 178cm excluding heels).

I was thinking of drawing her from scratch, but why waste such a cute pose? Afterall, it was :iconbellacielo: herself who originally proposed that option in order to cut down some time. ^.^

FreeB-chan actually has a few minor modifications done to her pose -- apart from modernizing the face, I also removed her BSD mace so she can blend better in the picture. She also has the long gloves that Bella added to the vector sketch afterwards.

As with OpenBSD-tan, no shading or detail work has been applied to either Net-chan or FreeB-chan.


UPDATED 5/18/2009:
At long last I'm finally able to resume work on this picture, a LONG-overdue collaborative picture originally begun by C-chan and :iconbellacielo: and resumed by me.

The next addition to this picture is OpenBSD-tan, based on the character design from an artist known as Space Coyote.
She is enjoying a small degree of amusement sizing up her little sister, who is a mere 156cm compared to her own much more imposing 190cm frame.

Despite what it may seem, she's not holding the nightstick threateningly (although all BSD-tans get into the occasional sibling brawls), but is rather supposed to be posing for a picture.


*sigh* Leave it to C-chan to leave me with all his empty promises to fulfill.... ^^'

This is actually a more finalized version of a very very VERY incomplete vector sketch of DragonflyBSD-tan, based on a sketch created by Bella. This was part of a four-piece collaborative project between Bella and C-chan, where Bella would supply the sketches for four different BSD-tans and C-chan would shade and color. Sadly, for this and that reason, the project never got off the ground until yours truly stopped by. ^__~

Taking over the project, I guess you can call this a Bella/C-quel joint project -- once done, it will probably be posted in the DeviantOS-tan club. ^^

As for the image itself, only the hands and magazine are left incomplete. Therefore, the depiction of DragonflyBSD-tan can be said to be 90% complete.

(Note: in regards to the magazine, it should be stated for the uninitiated that DragonflyBSD-tan is a huge and almost obsessive fan of AmigaOS-tan, for reasons not readily apparent except for DragonflyBSD users.)
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Very cute :)

Though the SVG link isn't working.