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Amiga-tan Debut Picture by C-quel Amiga-tan Debut Picture by C-quel
This image was C-chan's first drawing posted at OSC as well as the basis for his first ever post on that forum. It was done after lengthy search for a preexisting AmigaOS-tan, of which none turned up, and only after weighing the option of beginning his OS-tan foray with a UNIX-tan first (an earlier sketch of a UNIX-tan did exist by then, but was never publicly showcased until 2007).

Once the green light was given, C-chan posted this brand new OS-tan with gusto, although not without requiring some anatomical adjustments suggested by some of the regular members at the time. All of the changes are included in this version, but the design is still extremely dated relative to his later works.

Having always been used to Photoshop, but not onboard with the idea of switching over to Illustrator, C-chan was still determined to use some vector graphic solution given that earlier raster-based Anime caricatures did not have any of the desired sharpness. C-chan opted instead to use a Free and Open Source program called Inkscape for the first time, and got some fairly decent results for a first run, thanks in part to the program's relative ease of use. Unfortunately, half the image was still post-processed in Photoshop using raster solutions, so its impossible to salvage a usable source image without redoing the whole thing.

AmigaOS-tan was depicted as a tall, friendly and multi-talented young women and step-sister of the old Commodore sisters. She's an artist and a musician, but also enjoys games as well. Her 50's inspired boingball-themed rolled dress shirt, shorts and saddle shoes are meant to exude vintage comfort, but she's appeared in later drawings dressed differently. The japanese text on the corner can be conveniently summarized as "Pleased to meet everyone".

[Note: at this point in time, C-chan was still used to adding mini disclaimers to all his works, but that practice died off with later works.]
RaffaeleMegabyte Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Hello C-Chan. May I add your art to my group #AmigaArtists?

Thank you for any response.


iamseawolf Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
Very cool, I love the stuff in the bag!
C-quel Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you, this is quite the golden oldie. ^^
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